Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh, the things you learn...

Things I have learned so far this week...

1. Squirrels will "make babies" anywhere; even in the middle of the street. Oh, and they do not care if a car is coming. They will not move. 

2. I miss my dad and brother so much. I talked to my sister the other night and I could not help but cry. 

3. Cooking isn't so bad. I have not eaten out (minus my trip to Orlando) in quite awhile. I have been making my own meals and have been quite content. Now I just need a recipe book. 

4. I love having a girlfriend that lives close by. It makes Colon's absence that much easier. Plus, it  stops me from going too deep into my loner tendencies. 

5. My dad's side of the family is stressful and crazy. I used to think that I liked that side of the family better, but as the years go bye, I am learning otherwise. They have taught me that adults are just overgrown kids that do not have anyone to check their actions. 

6. My sister graduates in two weeks and I am so excited and proud of her. She's going to be college-bound soon. 

And that is all for now!


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