Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here I am...

Saturday morning in my new apartment. The first weekend that I am spending here and I am savoring it.

Yes, Colon did leave yesterday, but I think that I have already fell into the role of being in a long distance relationship. This is like the thousandth fourth or fifth time that Colon has headed out on an internship, so I am quite used to this. The good thing is that the internship is for three months instead of the six months that I am used to.

No, it was not easy for me to see him leave. I find that I brood about his leaving on the days before he leaves. That was the case this time. We had an amazing time in New York but the minute that we got on the plane to come back home is when it hit me. I tried to act normal but Colon knows me. He knew that I was thinking about it and he kept saying "At least it's only 3 months (instead of 6) and summer will go by so fast". Fast forward to yesterday. I cried but just a bit. I drove him to pick up his rental car and then we met up for dinner at Zaxby's.

That is where our departing scene happened. Nothing dramatic. We moved everything from my car to his. We hugged and kissed. We got into our cars and we looked at each other through the window for a few seconds. Then I made myself leave.

I didn't go straight home. I couldn't. That would make me feel worse. I had friends that I could hang out with, but I knew I needed alone time. (It's the loner in me). So, I did what I always do. I went to Ross and shopped for a little bit. Yup. Retail therapy. Some say it does not work but it does. I left the store feeling 10 times better and with my thoughts finally in perspective.

So, I spent the night alone in my new apartment and it was not too bad. I cleaned, organized, and relaxed. I got to Skype with my friend Chris. This made me feel ten times better.

Now, I am feeling better and am extremely excited for this shopping day with one of my best friends. She is amazing and is always there for me. So, CHEERS to a shopping day with an amazing friend.

So excited!!!

Oh and I promise to recap my trip to New York with you soon!


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