Sunday, May 20, 2012

Five things...

about me that you may not know.

1. I squeegee my shower every day. It's very Mr. monk of me.

2. I have an obsession with whisks. Every time I go to a store and see a whisk, I am tempted to buy them. Especially if they have cool designs on them. 

3. I am a loner and love my alone-time. So, do not be offended if I don't call or if I don't want to hang out all the time. Yes, I quiet night by myself sounds amazing to me and I would not give it up for the world. So, if I actually invite you somewhere or invite you into my home, that means I like you!

4. The feel of cotton balls and the sound that they make when you pull on them makes my teeth uncomfortable and the hairs on my arm stand up. I hate it!

5. I can watch the same movies over and over and over again. It's sad. Once I watch a movie that I like, I will put it on before I go to bed and fall asleep. Don't believe me? Ask Colon! It drives him crazy.

And now to watch Pride and Prejudice.


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  1. LOVE Pride and Prejudice! I could watch that movie over and over!


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