Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Spotted: A blogger that has been lacking in motivation to create posts. 

Yup. That's me. So much has been going on lately. You would think that I would have so much to write about,  since I have been busy EVERY weekend this month, but the motivation has eluded me. 

Colon has been gone for a little over a week and I miss him so much. I was so worried about him going because he was not so sure about his internship in Arizona. BUT, he did what he always does and made the best of it. He went out there and met people. He was already going out to meet friends on his first day there. So, he is doing well.

How am I doing? I am actually doing great. Falling into my loner tendencies and loving it. Sprinkle in a little time with great friends and my awesome family. 

I may have mentioned that I took a trip to Ikea two weekends ago. It was the weekend after Colon left. I just wanted to stay in and relax. Hell. Let's be honest. I wanted to mope. BUT that isn't what happened. My friend made sure that I had someone to be with. We drove to Orlando to shop. [Retail therapy is the best!]

Our first stop: Mall of the Millenia
We ate and then walked the mall. I really did not buy anything here because
a)I'm cheap
b) I knew I had to buy furniture
c) I did not find anything that I LOVED.

But, I did end up buying Godiva chocolate covered strawberries and shared them with my friend. YES. We did stand in the middle of the mall and eat the strawberries. We are cool like that!

Our second stop: IKEA
So much fun and it takes forever to get through it. I ended up getting a desk for our office/ guest bedroom and a TV unit for the living room. 

Desk found here

TV unit found here

Our third stop: Florida Mall
We came here just for H&M. Enough said. 

So, I was successfully diverted from thinking about Colon leaving. I had an amazing time and am so thankful for my friend. She is amazing and does not even know how much she means to me. It's weird because I don't let people into my little bubble and she has successfully penetrated the walls that I have put up. 

My dear friend, I love you! You know who you are!

Let me refocus from that lovey-dovey tangent. I was talking about the hectic life that I have been living this past few weeks. I have mentioned Colon leaving and my first weekend without him here. Work has consumed my life and I have been intent on getting everything unpacked.

This past weekend (Memorial weekend) was amazing. My younger sister attended her UCF orientation in Orlando and they were driving through. They stayed with me on Saturday and Sunday and I had so much fun. It was great to see them and I started to realize how grown up my sister is. She's going to college. I cannot believe it. 

When they left, it was hard. They had to leave on Sunday and it was the first time that I felt lonely. I did not particularly want to do anything or see anyone. I just felt lonely. It was storming and I did the thing that I always do. Turn on Netflix for some background noise and read a book.  

I am tuckered out and have to head to bed, but I thought it only fair to catch you up on the details of the past few weeks. I promise that a recap on my NYC trip is coming soon with pictures and all. 

Much love and stay dry!




  1. I'm impressed with Colon's ability to make friends on his first day in a new place.
    I think I furnished my entire first apartment with Ikea, from the futon to wall hangings to flatware. I've since picked up hand-me downs and wedding gifts and such and now have a pretty eclectic mix of stuff.


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