Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another book down...

Yup. You read that right.

 I finished another book. 

The last time I wrote about this resolution, I mentioned that I was reading Wideacre by Philippa Gregory. I read the series when I was younger but did not remember too much of the story. All I could recall was how unhappy I was when I realized that I finished the series. So, I decided to reread it. 


The book is TWISTED. I forgot how messed up it was. BUT I could not put it down and I highly recommend that you read it. I warn you though. There is incest and other disturbing actions in this book. But I was intrigued by how passionate Beatrice, the main character, was. She risked everything and planned every action to gain the land for herself and her children. This woman was driven and so strong. 

I found myself hating Beatrice but at the same time I wanted to protect her. I constantly said, "No, don't do it Beatrice" and "She deserves this but she has to find a way to stop it". I was so conflicted.

I don't want to ramble on and bore you. So, I will stop here. I hope you will pick up this book and read it. I promise you will not be disappointed!

And another book gets added to the list:

1. Dracula -Bram Stoker
2. The Vampire Chronicles: Interview with the Vampire -Anne Rice
3. The Vampire Chronicles: The Vampire Lestat -Anne Rice
4. The Vampire Chronicles: The Queen of the Damned - Anne Rice
5. The Vampire Chronicles: The Tale of the Body Thief -Anne Rice
6. The Hunger Games -Suzanne Collins
7. Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins
8. Mockingjay -Suzanne Collins
9. Alice in Wonderland -Lewis Carrol
10. Memoirs of a Geisha
11. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- F. Scott Fitzgerald
12. Wideacre -Philippa Gregory

That's 12 for the year! Maybe I should extend this resolution to 24 books for the year. What do you think?


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  1. Yay, I LOVE hearing about good reads, and for some reason the twisted ones are always the ones that catch my interest! Is that bad?! :)


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