Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Selfish people and some happiness

Lourdes to blog world. Do you copy?

I'm back from a day at work and I just had a few things on my mind. Rather than go into detail about things, I thought I would just list my thoughts. Beware... Many of the things on this list are stemming from events that happened today. 

- I have said it many times before on this space of mine, but I have to say it again. People want things to be fair until they need want something. People are just selfish at times. It makes me so angry. Actually, it worries me. 

- Take responsibility for your actions and take control of a situation. Just because someone else is the cause of a current dilemma, does not mean they are going to remedy the situation. Take control and don't expect others to do it for you. If you rely on others, it will most likely bite you in the butt. 

- Colon and I have about 2 weeks until our relationship completes it's fifth year. I am shocked and so happy. Eek... I remember when we first started dating...

- I am sooooo excited about our trip to New York City. Have I mentioned it before? Well, Colon is taking me to New York City for our anniversary/ my birthday. I have been several times and have done the "touristy" things before. Colon has not. SO I am trying to fit everything into 3 days... Bahh...decisions... decisions...

- I have been obsessed with Mad Men. I just finished Season 3 and started season 4.
Donald Draper. Yummy
Betty Draper. Gorgeous.
The outfits. Beautiful.

The show is awesome and it makes me want to live in the '60's. I have a love-hate relationship with Don. I hate when he cheats, but I cannot help but love him. Same for Betty. 

- I can eat a whole (large) bag of M&M's in a day. I have not tried it, but I am sure if I didn't stop myself, I would it them all. 

- I have so much to be grateful for. Love. Life. Family. Health. Happiness...

Speaking of happiness... here's last weeks happiness list:

Monday April 9: Booking the hotel for out NY trip This made the trip real. So EXCITED! Tuesday April 10: New work uniforms This probably sounds weird, but this gets rid of some of my morning stress. You know what I am talking about. The stress of picking out work-appropriate clothing. Wednesday April 11: Titanic 3D with Kirsten Yes. I saw it. I went with the perfect person and had a blast. Thursday April 12: ELF makeup brushes Have you ever used their products. They are the best and are affordable. I suggest you try them! Friday April 13: Hanging out with Diego He's a great friend and I had not hung out with him in months. That is why I was excited to go to Wine and Cheese (yes, I know I go there all of the time) with him. We had a great time. Saturday April 14: Dressing up There was a Gala for the society Colon is in. I dressed up and I loved it. I love feeling pretty! Sunday April 15: Colon taking care of me let's just say that there was a little too much drinking this weekend. Colon took care of me on Sunday. He is the best.  

And I can promise that there was plenty more things that occurred this week that made me happy. Life is great right now. I just have to push aside the annoying things. The hard part is keeping that in mind. 


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