Monday, April 9, 2012

(Kind of) Short and Sweet....

Not sure what has gotten into me the past few weeks. I have been lazy with blogging. Often, I find myself thinking

"I should blog today..."


"I should blog about this..."

and you know what happens? I open up a tab on the browser and open a new post. Then, I lose motivation. It's kind of sad. But, oh well.

Today is going to be quite random. Just random thoughts explaining my life as it has been the last few weeks. hope you enjoy...

*Colon has been so busy lately and I feel so bad for him. He has so much work to do and I can only imagine how much it sucks for him to see me dilly dally all day everyday (except for when I am at work). 

*I don't understand how Colon gets his work done sometimes. Like I stated earlier, he is extremely busy with homework. BUT, he always has something on TV while he is doing homework. Also, Twitter and Facebook are always in the background. I still can't figure out how he is getting his work done. 

*A few weeks ago, I mentioned how proud I am of a friend. He did something that was extremely difficult to do BUT he got himself out of a very bad relationship. Ever since then, life has thrown so many obstacles his way. He is strong and taking everything in stride, but he's slipping. I am worried about him. I am still proud, but I wish I could help him more. 

*I can't say this enough. I AM LOVING WEEKENDS OFF!!!! 

*I have to go through all of my belongings to get ready for the move. I am so excited and am ready to have more space for all of my junk stuff. TWO BEDROOMS baby! So excited!

*Colon got another internship for the summer. That means he is leaving again. I am kind of sad but I am so proud of him. This is great for his resume and it is just another thing that indicates that he is an amazing engineer. 

*Although I am proud of Colon, I am still going to miss him. 

*Colon and I decided that we would go on a trip before he goes on his next internship. YES! We decided on New York City. I am so excited! I am currently working on a To-Do list... any suggestions? I have been several times before, but Colon hasn't. I need to show him a great time!

*I am excited for the NY trip, but Colon leaves soon after we return home. Talk about conflicted. 

*I want to do my 265 list for the past weeks now. Here I go...

Monday March 26: Bag of M&M's Yup. This is appearing on my list. Upon my return home from Orlando, my mom decided to give me a whole bag of peanut M&M's. I politely declined, but my mom could see the yearning in my eyes. She knows me so well Tuesday March 27: Colon's video game group It is so adorable. He meets up with a group of guys and I cannot help but smile. I finally met them and OH MY GOD. NERDY...but cute Wednesday March 28: Housing Fair Every year, UF has a Housing Fair where apartment complexes in Gainesville come to "advertise" for their property. I went this year and had a blast. it was great "hanging out" with the work crew and seeing all of the students at our table. Thursday March 29: Another internship and a chocolate cake Yup. i mentioned his new internship earlier. What I did not mention was the chocolate cake that I bought for him. He deserved it and I know he liked it. YUMMY! You can see it right here...

Friday March 30: Benny Every time I say/write that, I think of the song. But, i am not talking about the song here. I am talking about my friend's new cat. The cutest most laid back cat in the world.  Saturday March 31: Being invited to a private blog Yup... someone put their blog on "private" and I actually got invited. This really made my day! Sunday April 1: lazy Sundays How can this not make me happy???? Monday April 2: Keeping busy at work Making the day go by so much faster! Tuesday April 3: Colon's speech Yup...he's great at public speaking and it made me proud when I saw him up there giving his speech. That's my man! Wednesday April 4: Catching up on Weeds Great Show! I definitely recommend it! Nancy is frustrating at times... and I actually liked her with Esteban Thursday April 5: Instagram for Android I am addicted already and I have only had it for a week. Follow me! My Instagram handle is "lechagar" Friday April 6: Wine and Cheese with Kirsten She is slowly becoming one of my best friends. Love her to death. AND her willingness to come to Wine and Cheese only makes it better! Saturday April 7: Spring cleaning Sunday Needed to be done! April 8: 21 Jump Street Channing Tatum. YUMMY! Seriously though, the movie is hilarious!

*Yesterday was Easter. 

HAPPY EASTER everybody!


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