Saturday, April 28, 2012

I just want to...

Take pictures 



And now... that can be my reality. Why? Well... because I got this:

From Instagram

Yes. Your eyes are not fooling you. It's the Nikon d5100 and I am in love. Before I continue, I have to thank my boyfriend for getting me this camera. I have mentioned my need want of a new camera for a couple of months, but I have been annoying the past couple of weeks. Every chance I got, I would start shooting away with my imaginary camera and saying 
"tch-tch-tch-tch". :::That is supposed to be the shutter sound:::

Needless to say, Colon picked up on my hints. He kept saying that he would get the camera for our New York trip (which is less than two weeks away...yes!!!!!!) as long as I come up with a reasonable budget for the trip. So, that is what I did last weekend. (Yeah...that and finished all of the seasons of Mad Men that are on Netflix! Love that show). So, I came up with a budget and we determined that getting a camera was plausible. 

Fast forward to Friday (yesterday). Colon picks me up from work. When we get home, I start my home-from-work routine. I go into the closet to change. But, what do I see? A HUGE pile of dirty clothes in the closet. My first response is "BABY, SERIOUSLY" and all I hear is, "I'm sorry baby. I was in a hurry. Can you please pick it up". So, I picked it up and as I started to lift the clothes I noticed a box. That is when I started to scream. I was so excited. The next hour was a blur. I am so happy.

So that is the story of how I got my camera. It also indicates how lucky I am to have Colon. He likes to play  "tough" but he is a sweetheart. He is so loving and so affectionate. I am so lucky to be with him and am proud to say that our five year anniversary is on Monday. 

Did you read that? I said that we have been together for 


years. It has been five amazing years and I am excited for five more years together. To celebrate, I am planning a trip to the springs. Maybe a picnic basket. Some wine. My camera. Something romantic. Something relaxing.

We have to relax, because we have started to pack for our move. We pick up the keys to the new apartment on Tuesday and I cannot wait. I just hate packing. It reminds me of how much of a hoarder I am. (This actually led to a meltdown last night. It was sad. But you would be proud. I actually filled 3 trash bags last night). So, yeah. We are packing and moving in the next two weeks. 

Then, comes my birthday and our trip to New York. Eventful and busy times. My life is great at the moment! 

Now, I have to continue packing...



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