Sunday, March 4, 2012

A weekend in Tampa...

Why does the weekend have to fly by?

 I am sitting here reminiscing about the weekend and am dreading waking up in the morning. Oh, and I am also waiting for Colon to stop playing Assassins Creed so that we can finish watching Star Wars before bed. 

I just looked at my post list and saw that it has been a few days since I have graced this blog with my presence. I have been so busy and my blog is the last thing I think about when I come home. It's weird because I still find the time to log onto Bloglovin' and read all of your awesome blogs. I am sure that this drives Colon insane. 

Anyways, last week was my second full week at work and although it was busy and exhausting, I really did enjoy the week. I actually dealt with residents. Some were extremely nice and some were extremely rude. But, I am loving my job anyway. 

The first few days of every month are the busiest for me. That is why Thursday and Friday were so stressful. I didn't have time to catch my breath. The good thing about it was that the day went by so fast. It's funny how that happens.

After two stress filled days at work, Colon and I were finally ready to take a trip for the weekend. Where did we end up going? 

To Tampa!!

Believe me. It was such a simple trip, but we had a blast. 

The trip started on Friday. I ended up leaving work an hour late (like I said before, it was busy in the office). Once I got home we started packing and cleaning up the house. I hate coming back from a trip to a messy and disorganized house. After packing the car and filling up the tank (gas prices are ridiculous), we hit the road. Tampa is an hour and a half to two hours away from Gainesville and we were expecting it to be a short trip. But, of course, things never go as planned. We forgot that Spring Break started for UF students on Friday. So, we ended up running into traffic on the interstate. 

Once we got to Tampa, we drove directly to Olive Garden where we met up with one of my favorite couples, Javi and Laura. Javi is one of Colon's best friends and Laura has become one of my good friends. She is amazing and so easy to talk to. We had a blast at dinner and I could not stop laughing. Once our bellies were filled and I was about to go into a food-coma, we headed to Javi's apartment. I wish I could give you a better description of what we did after dinner, but I was exhausted and honestly do not remember what we did. I am pretty sure I passed out in Colon's lap while Javi and Colon played video games. FYI, this is a typical night for me when these two get together. 

True to form (at least for the past two weeks...because of work), I woke up at 7:30. I was still tired but I could not make myself fall back asleep. So, I took out my Kindle and read for the next two hours while the boys continued to sleep. Once everyone was awake and ready to go, we met up with Laura and traveled to Hyde Park to have lunch. After walking around trying to choose a restaurant, we came across a cute Tapas restaurant named "Ceviche". The food was amazing, but the portions were so small. Small and expensive. 

We then went to the Gasparilla Art festival. The boys were not too excited about this but Laura and I loved it. We walked around and looked at the different booths. we were having fun, but ended up getting hungry again. So, we decided to leave and hang out at Laura's house until we could eat dinner at a place called Vallarta's. I could not find the website of the restaurant. BUT it was amazing! 

The most amazing part of the night was karaoke. Yes! We went to a karaoke place and rented a room. We had a blast. The girls sang some Spice Girls, Brittney Spears, and Backstreet Boys. The boys were just being boys. Mix in the beers that we brought and you could imagine the fun we had. By the end of the night (around 2 or 3) we were all exhausted. It was a long day and I could hardly keep my eyes open. 

Can you guess what time I woke up in the morning? No? Well, I woke up at 8:30. Do you know what time the boys woke up? 


In those two hours, I read and watched TV. Again, I was exhausted but could not force myself to stay in bed. The air mattress that we were using was not fully inflated and it was slightly uncomfortable. 

Once the boys woke up, we went to lunch. I was so tired but mostly sad. I didn't want to leave Tampa. I had so much fun. I had forgotten how many good friends moved to Tampa. I kept talking about them on the drive back to Gainesville. I am sure Colon was sick of hearing me talk about them. 

Now, I am sitting here on the couch waiting. I am tired and exhausted. But, it's the good kind of exhaustion. The kind that is brought on by fun. 

I can already feel the dread creep in. But, I am not going to let it take over. My work bag is packed and my clothes are laid out. I am  ready for tomorrow and am looking forward to start a new week. 

Now to watch Star Wars with my love and then pass out for the night. I hope your weekend was as great as mine was!


PS... Kudos to Colon for dealing with my bouts of moodiness this weekend. My monthly friend visited and was annoying me the whole time!

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