Friday, March 30, 2012

A relaxing Friday night full of 365

Oh HI there. Remember me?

You know...Lourdes... 

I am back!!! I WAS going to apologize for the lack of posts these last two weeks, but I am not going to do that. Life has been great lately and I have been extremely busy. No one wants for this little blog to become a chore, right?

It looks like my  last post was about two weeks ago. It's crazy how fast time flies. The last time you heard from me was right after my Miami trip. Since then I have been working, reading, having fun and taking more trips. Yup. That's right. I am loving this weekend-off gig and am taking advantage of it.

What am I doing now? Enjoying a RELAXING Friday night at home. That and trying to decide how I am going to relay the events of the last few weeks.

I think I will incorporate the events into my 365 list, since I am behind in typing them up on this blog. It will be short and sweet. I promise! So here I go...

Monday March 5: lunch with the coworkers It was the first day back from my weekend trip to Miami and I was slowly getting back into the groove of work. Having lunch with the coworkers always makes the day better! Tuesday March 6: Pretty Little Liars unveiling Am I the only one that likes this show? Wednesday March 7: Rereading The Hunger Games series Yup...I reread them in anticipation for the movie (which I have not seen yet). I guess this makes me ahead with my "Book a month resolution". Thursday March 8: Inca Cola Friday March9: Trip to Miami Saturday March 10: Miami Beach Sunday March 11: Rabo My favorite dish! Absolutely yummy! Monday March 12: New Blu-Ray player Tuesday March 13: Colon's Tablet I bet if it came down to make a decision between me and the tablet, the tablet would win! I kid, I kid! Wednesday March 14: Mad Men I am addicted! I jumped on the bandwagon and don't see myself jumping off anytime soon. Thank God for Netflix! Thursday March 15: Mom and Alicia coming into town This was great. they were on their way to visit my sister in Miami and stayed the night with me since I was half way between home and Miami. I loved spending time with them and it made me happy to show them where I worked. It was great! Friday March 16: Ringer Love Sarah Michelle Gellar and I am loving this show. INTENSE!
Saturday March 17: Going out with Colon and his brother This was another intense weekend. Colon's brothers came into town on Friday and were ready to party. You would think they were in town just to go out and drink instead of for a soccer tournament. I just have to say, that this weekend was intense for me. Too...much...drinking....Sunday March 18: Colon's soccer game After Colon's brothers left, I went to Colon's soccer game. It was crazy. They ended up winning, but it came down to penalty kicks. I swear I had a couple heart attacks before the end of the game. 

Phewww.... That was long. But it was fun "reliving" those weeks. I had so much fun and am really loving having the weekends off. You probably noticed that I am still NOT caught up with my 365. I have about two weeks to catch up with. I will leave that for another time (probably tomorrow) but I want to warn you. They are pretty exciting! Especially the weekend portions.

That is why I am looking forward to this weekend. I want it to be relaxing. No travelling. No Partying. Just me and a book/TV/couch/etc.

Just a relaxing weekend...

sounds great!

Hope your weekend is amazing!


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