Friday, March 9, 2012

It's not OK and some 365

I'm back...

For at least a few minutes. Since I had this short amount of time, I thought it would be nice to check up with the blogging world and see how  everyone has been doing. I have not been blogging religiously lately, but I have been keeping up with all of your blogs. You guys seriously keep me sane. 

Work has been great for me and I have been enjoying it. The thing is that people can be so rude. This job is slowly toughing me up. I am growing a thicker skin and am learning not to take things personally. 

I get why people are rude sometimes. Money and debt are a big thing and no one wants to hear that they owe such-and-such amount. But, it's life people. If you owe something, you owe it. Grow up and own up to it. 

I also get why people are rude concerning their apartment accommodations. This is their home for roughly a year (maybe even mo

Anyways, I have been seeing people participate in the "It's OK, Thursday" and I absolutely love reading people's entries. Since, I am a little bit moody and it is not Thursday, I decided that I would change it up and do something entitled:


So, without further ado... 

It's NOT OK...

-to yell and scream to get what you want. 

-to put in racial slurs or racist comments in a complaint. It makes you look stupid and it discredits your argument.

-to blame others for something that YOU did

-to cut someone in a drive-thru's happened to me and it made me extremely mad!

Anyways... that should be enough for now. To brighten this post up, I decided that I would recap my "365 Days of Happiness" from last week. 

Monday February 27: A friend standing up for himself I am so proud of my friend. He was in a toxic relationship and he finally got the courage to get out. So so proud! Tuesday February 28: Sonny's salad bar I have had the salad bar twice this week...and it was AMAZING! I am craving it now....Wednesday February 29: Pictures in the office I finally printed some pictures and put some up in my office. Now for a trip to Ross or some other store to buy little trinkets! Thursday March 1: My first rent day Enough said. My first rent day and it went well if I say so myself! Friday March 2: Rayman BEST GAME EVER! Saturday March 3: Karaoke and Ceviche Weekend in Tampa filled with Karaoke and a Tapas bar called Ceviche! yummy! Sunday March 4: Despicable Me video Just watch the video!

What did you think?

Anyways! I hope everyone else's week was amazing! Now for me to pack the car because we are heading to Miami! OOOOH YEAH!

Enjoy your weekend! i know I will!

Promise not to be a stranger!


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  1. Seriously, what makes people thin that using racial slurs is going to get them anywhere?


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