Saturday, March 31, 2012


Two posts in one day? Gosh... don't you all feel special!

I'm here just to post a teaser for tomorrows post...

Hope you enjoy!!!



Ps...aren't my sisters gorgeous?

Just a lazy Saturday

So, I am sitting here doing NOTHING on a Saturday morning and I feel GREAT. I woke up to a sunny day and all of a sudden the clouds start to roll in. I get out of bed, get dressed and get myself settled on the couch. Computer in hand. Hulu and Netflix on play. Nothing to bring me down. It pours. I can hear the pitter patter of the rain (which I love). Then, all of a sudden the rain stops and it becomes sunny. The weather is extremely moody today and that's how I like it. 

The rainy weather has given me an excuse to be LAZY. I have been catching up with shows and blogs. I have been enjoying the fact that I don't HAVE to do anything today. 

While sitting here, my mind keeps going back to the events of last night. Once I got off work, I rushed home and changed into more comfortable clothing. Then Kirsten and I were on our way to play with kitties. up, she was in search of a new kitty and invited me to come with her. I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did. In the end, she found her cat. I loved seeing how happy she was. That definitely made my night.

Anyways, I had so much fun playing with the kitties and am so happy for Kirsten because she is bringing her kitten home today. YAY!!!!

So, since the weather has improved and I have been sitting here all day long, I decided that I would end this post with a recap of last weeks things that make me happy. 

Monday March 19: Turning in my lease Yup...we have a place to live. We will be moving in May. EXCITING! Tuesday March 20: Colon's haircut He hates it. I love it. I'm right. He's wrong. Story of our lives. Wednesday March 21: Texts from my mom She's adorable!Thursday March 22: Aria from Pretty Little Liars Don't you think she is gorgeous? Friday March 23: Draw Something with the family Saturday March 24: Epcot Mu mom was in heaven. she had all 3 of her daughters with her and we all had a blast. It was fun drinking around the  world as a family! Sunday March 25: Shopping in Orlando

 And I have nothing else to say... 

Hope you are having an awesome weekend!


Friday, March 30, 2012

A relaxing Friday night full of 365

Oh HI there. Remember me?

You know...Lourdes... 

I am back!!! I WAS going to apologize for the lack of posts these last two weeks, but I am not going to do that. Life has been great lately and I have been extremely busy. No one wants for this little blog to become a chore, right?

It looks like my  last post was about two weeks ago. It's crazy how fast time flies. The last time you heard from me was right after my Miami trip. Since then I have been working, reading, having fun and taking more trips. Yup. That's right. I am loving this weekend-off gig and am taking advantage of it.

What am I doing now? Enjoying a RELAXING Friday night at home. That and trying to decide how I am going to relay the events of the last few weeks.

I think I will incorporate the events into my 365 list, since I am behind in typing them up on this blog. It will be short and sweet. I promise! So here I go...

Monday March 5: lunch with the coworkers It was the first day back from my weekend trip to Miami and I was slowly getting back into the groove of work. Having lunch with the coworkers always makes the day better! Tuesday March 6: Pretty Little Liars unveiling Am I the only one that likes this show? Wednesday March 7: Rereading The Hunger Games series Yup...I reread them in anticipation for the movie (which I have not seen yet). I guess this makes me ahead with my "Book a month resolution". Thursday March 8: Inca Cola Friday March9: Trip to Miami Saturday March 10: Miami Beach Sunday March 11: Rabo My favorite dish! Absolutely yummy! Monday March 12: New Blu-Ray player Tuesday March 13: Colon's Tablet I bet if it came down to make a decision between me and the tablet, the tablet would win! I kid, I kid! Wednesday March 14: Mad Men I am addicted! I jumped on the bandwagon and don't see myself jumping off anytime soon. Thank God for Netflix! Thursday March 15: Mom and Alicia coming into town This was great. they were on their way to visit my sister in Miami and stayed the night with me since I was half way between home and Miami. I loved spending time with them and it made me happy to show them where I worked. It was great! Friday March 16: Ringer Love Sarah Michelle Gellar and I am loving this show. INTENSE!
Saturday March 17: Going out with Colon and his brother This was another intense weekend. Colon's brothers came into town on Friday and were ready to party. You would think they were in town just to go out and drink instead of for a soccer tournament. I just have to say, that this weekend was intense for me. Too...much...drinking....Sunday March 18: Colon's soccer game After Colon's brothers left, I went to Colon's soccer game. It was crazy. They ended up winning, but it came down to penalty kicks. I swear I had a couple heart attacks before the end of the game. 

Phewww.... That was long. But it was fun "reliving" those weeks. I had so much fun and am really loving having the weekends off. You probably noticed that I am still NOT caught up with my 365. I have about two weeks to catch up with. I will leave that for another time (probably tomorrow) but I want to warn you. They are pretty exciting! Especially the weekend portions.

That is why I am looking forward to this weekend. I want it to be relaxing. No travelling. No Partying. Just me and a book/TV/couch/etc.

Just a relaxing weekend...

sounds great!

Hope your weekend is amazing!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A weekend trip and a tablet...

Hello Hello...

I hope your week has been great so far. Mine definitely has been! Students are back from Spring break and the town is filled with people again. With the influx of people comes the increase of work within the office.

This busy week followed such an amazing weekend. The last time I wrote, I mentioned that I was heading down Miami. That last post was a little bit moody. I was tired and exhausted and I used that entry to take out my frustration.

Well, things got better from there. After I finished my entry, Colon was almost done finishing some last minute school work.

[[Yes, HE was the one holding us back. He has been complaining that I stay at work too late and kept telling me that I have to come home early on Friday. So, I left work at a reasonable time. FOR NOTHING.]]

So, he finished his schoolwork, packed (again... look at how awesome I am... I packed the night before), and we headed out. The drive down was interesting. At the beginning, it was quite boring. Then the sugar kicked in. I was hyper and kept talking and moving around. Yup, I drove Colon crazy.

When the sugar crash finally hit, I leaned my chair back and tried to fall asleep. But, of course, it starts to storm and huge lightning bolts were filling the sky. It was terrifying and I was worried about driving in the storm. Oh well. We finally made it to Miami. And I passed out right away. Colon's mom was so excited to see him, she gave us huge hugs and kept telling us stories. I love her!

The next day was...LONG. We woke up around 10 and lounged around for a few. We then met up with one of Colon's friends and went to the beach. I really needed this! I had not seen a beach in FOREVER.

It was such a beautiful day. It wasn't too hot. There was a beautiful breeze. AND I didn't take many pictures. SAD!

Once we got tired of the beach, we found dinner at a restaurant, called Paul, along Lincoln Road. If you are ever in Miami Beach and decide to walk along Lincoln Road, I suggest that you AT LEAST get a pastry from here. You will love it! I promise!

That night, we went to an area called Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale. Let's just say that I had not had a drink in forever and my (already low) tolerance of alcohol greatly affected.

The next day was sad. I did not want to leave and I could not set up a time to see my sister before I left for home. What did we end up doing before we started the drive? We bought Colon's tablet. Yes. I said it. Colon has finally given in to the tablet-lust that he has been suffering from these last few months. He is so cute. When he found out he could get it, his eyes got big and he was cheesing! SO CUTE. After buying it, he immediately set it up. Only AFTER the tablet was set up, could we start the trek back to Gainesville.

The rest of the day was boring. So I won't highlight it. All you have to know is that we drove back and got back to Gainesville in one piece.

So, that was my amazing weekend. Can you see why I did not want to go back to work? Now I am going through this week and waiting for the next two weekends. Colon's brothers and a couple of his friends are coming up this weekend. It is going to be a full house and a crazy St. Patrick's day weekend.

THEN the weekend after, my mom and sisters and I are going to Epcot. Wooohooo. Drinking around the world!

So, I have a lot to look forward too. I just need to stay focused during work.

Oh, have any of you seen the "SECRETS" series on the "Whispering sweet nothings" blog? I stumbled upon it the other day and it kind of reminds me of "Postsecret" (which I love). I think you should check it out! It's a great idea!

Night blog-world!


Friday, March 9, 2012

It's not OK and some 365

I'm back...

For at least a few minutes. Since I had this short amount of time, I thought it would be nice to check up with the blogging world and see how  everyone has been doing. I have not been blogging religiously lately, but I have been keeping up with all of your blogs. You guys seriously keep me sane. 

Work has been great for me and I have been enjoying it. The thing is that people can be so rude. This job is slowly toughing me up. I am growing a thicker skin and am learning not to take things personally. 

I get why people are rude sometimes. Money and debt are a big thing and no one wants to hear that they owe such-and-such amount. But, it's life people. If you owe something, you owe it. Grow up and own up to it. 

I also get why people are rude concerning their apartment accommodations. This is their home for roughly a year (maybe even mo

Anyways, I have been seeing people participate in the "It's OK, Thursday" and I absolutely love reading people's entries. Since, I am a little bit moody and it is not Thursday, I decided that I would change it up and do something entitled:


So, without further ado... 

It's NOT OK...

-to yell and scream to get what you want. 

-to put in racial slurs or racist comments in a complaint. It makes you look stupid and it discredits your argument.

-to blame others for something that YOU did

-to cut someone in a drive-thru's happened to me and it made me extremely mad!

Anyways... that should be enough for now. To brighten this post up, I decided that I would recap my "365 Days of Happiness" from last week. 

Monday February 27: A friend standing up for himself I am so proud of my friend. He was in a toxic relationship and he finally got the courage to get out. So so proud! Tuesday February 28: Sonny's salad bar I have had the salad bar twice this week...and it was AMAZING! I am craving it now....Wednesday February 29: Pictures in the office I finally printed some pictures and put some up in my office. Now for a trip to Ross or some other store to buy little trinkets! Thursday March 1: My first rent day Enough said. My first rent day and it went well if I say so myself! Friday March 2: Rayman BEST GAME EVER! Saturday March 3: Karaoke and Ceviche Weekend in Tampa filled with Karaoke and a Tapas bar called Ceviche! yummy! Sunday March 4: Despicable Me video Just watch the video!

What did you think?

Anyways! I hope everyone else's week was amazing! Now for me to pack the car because we are heading to Miami! OOOOH YEAH!

Enjoy your weekend! i know I will!

Promise not to be a stranger!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

A weekend in Tampa...

Why does the weekend have to fly by?

 I am sitting here reminiscing about the weekend and am dreading waking up in the morning. Oh, and I am also waiting for Colon to stop playing Assassins Creed so that we can finish watching Star Wars before bed. 

I just looked at my post list and saw that it has been a few days since I have graced this blog with my presence. I have been so busy and my blog is the last thing I think about when I come home. It's weird because I still find the time to log onto Bloglovin' and read all of your awesome blogs. I am sure that this drives Colon insane. 

Anyways, last week was my second full week at work and although it was busy and exhausting, I really did enjoy the week. I actually dealt with residents. Some were extremely nice and some were extremely rude. But, I am loving my job anyway. 

The first few days of every month are the busiest for me. That is why Thursday and Friday were so stressful. I didn't have time to catch my breath. The good thing about it was that the day went by so fast. It's funny how that happens.

After two stress filled days at work, Colon and I were finally ready to take a trip for the weekend. Where did we end up going? 

To Tampa!!

Believe me. It was such a simple trip, but we had a blast. 

The trip started on Friday. I ended up leaving work an hour late (like I said before, it was busy in the office). Once I got home we started packing and cleaning up the house. I hate coming back from a trip to a messy and disorganized house. After packing the car and filling up the tank (gas prices are ridiculous), we hit the road. Tampa is an hour and a half to two hours away from Gainesville and we were expecting it to be a short trip. But, of course, things never go as planned. We forgot that Spring Break started for UF students on Friday. So, we ended up running into traffic on the interstate. 

Once we got to Tampa, we drove directly to Olive Garden where we met up with one of my favorite couples, Javi and Laura. Javi is one of Colon's best friends and Laura has become one of my good friends. She is amazing and so easy to talk to. We had a blast at dinner and I could not stop laughing. Once our bellies were filled and I was about to go into a food-coma, we headed to Javi's apartment. I wish I could give you a better description of what we did after dinner, but I was exhausted and honestly do not remember what we did. I am pretty sure I passed out in Colon's lap while Javi and Colon played video games. FYI, this is a typical night for me when these two get together. 

True to form (at least for the past two weeks...because of work), I woke up at 7:30. I was still tired but I could not make myself fall back asleep. So, I took out my Kindle and read for the next two hours while the boys continued to sleep. Once everyone was awake and ready to go, we met up with Laura and traveled to Hyde Park to have lunch. After walking around trying to choose a restaurant, we came across a cute Tapas restaurant named "Ceviche". The food was amazing, but the portions were so small. Small and expensive. 

We then went to the Gasparilla Art festival. The boys were not too excited about this but Laura and I loved it. We walked around and looked at the different booths. we were having fun, but ended up getting hungry again. So, we decided to leave and hang out at Laura's house until we could eat dinner at a place called Vallarta's. I could not find the website of the restaurant. BUT it was amazing! 

The most amazing part of the night was karaoke. Yes! We went to a karaoke place and rented a room. We had a blast. The girls sang some Spice Girls, Brittney Spears, and Backstreet Boys. The boys were just being boys. Mix in the beers that we brought and you could imagine the fun we had. By the end of the night (around 2 or 3) we were all exhausted. It was a long day and I could hardly keep my eyes open. 

Can you guess what time I woke up in the morning? No? Well, I woke up at 8:30. Do you know what time the boys woke up? 


In those two hours, I read and watched TV. Again, I was exhausted but could not force myself to stay in bed. The air mattress that we were using was not fully inflated and it was slightly uncomfortable. 

Once the boys woke up, we went to lunch. I was so tired but mostly sad. I didn't want to leave Tampa. I had so much fun. I had forgotten how many good friends moved to Tampa. I kept talking about them on the drive back to Gainesville. I am sure Colon was sick of hearing me talk about them. 

Now, I am sitting here on the couch waiting. I am tired and exhausted. But, it's the good kind of exhaustion. The kind that is brought on by fun. 

I can already feel the dread creep in. But, I am not going to let it take over. My work bag is packed and my clothes are laid out. I am  ready for tomorrow and am looking forward to start a new week. 

Now to watch Star Wars with my love and then pass out for the night. I hope your weekend was as great as mine was!


PS... Kudos to Colon for dealing with my bouts of moodiness this weekend. My monthly friend visited and was annoying me the whole time!