Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zedis Lapedis: Some stress and a computer

Zedis Lapedis! 
(Do you remember where that is from?) 

It's Sunday and guess where I am? At home. How exciting, right? 

In a previous post, I mentioned that Colon and I would take advantage of today and tomorrow and take a trip because it will be the first time in a few months where I had two consecutive days off that overlap with Colon's days off. Well, that fell through because of school projects. I feel so bad for him because he has been working so hard. He has literally been working on this project for three days. He missed classes and has only taken a break to eat and sleep. He is extremely stressed and overwhelmed. 

So, we did not go on the trip. He is working on the project (which is due at 5pm today) and I am sitting here watching Cake Boss. he is almost done and his mood is improving by the minute. Although we could not take a trip, I am having fun watching this show, blogging, and spending time with him. 

While I was sitting here, I started to look at my blog stats (more specifically, the Search Keywords). All of them were normal, except for: " Short story dwarf who grants wishes in a jar". It made me laugh when I read it. 

Speaking of short stories, I am going to try "The One Minute Writer" prompt for today. The prompt is:

Computer: If you were to give your computer a name, what would it be?

Here I go...

"You are there for me when I have assignments. You help me keep up with news and blogs. You are silver and sleek. You are like a friend to me. I name you: 
TC (short for Trusty Computer)"

Yay, that was fun!

I am going to end today by recapping the week of happiness. I hope you enjoy it!

Have an amazing day!


Monday February 6: Cake Boss A few seasons are on Netflix and I cannot stop watching this show. Buddy is amazing and so creative. Plus, all the cakes look extremely yummy! Tuesday February 7: New coworkers A month ago, three girls were hired at work and I was so nervous. I had no reason to be. They are awesome and I definitely love working with them! Wednesday February 8: Threading my eyebrows I have not gotten my eyebrows waxed in over a year. I have just had too many bad experiences with waxing. So, I get my eyebrows threaded and do not have any plans on going back. It is just so much cleaner and it's harder to make mistakes with threading. If you have never tried it, I definitely recommend you do. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Thursday February 9: Short Story Challenge I was so nervous to post my story at first. BUT, I had so much fun and do not regret participating. It was such a great idea and I plan to participate in another challenge Friday February 10: My sister getting into UCF and LSU I am so proud of her and I cannot say it enough. Saturday February 11: The One Minute Writer After the challenge, I decided that I would start responding to the prompts. I did my first one today and I loved doing it. It should help me with my writing. Sunday February 12: Chocolate Cake I made for Colon Yes, I made a cake for Colon the other day and we are munching on it right now. YUMMY!

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  1. I love how you do your recaps of the week - very engaging! I just wish the font was a bit bigger. Other than that, the post is just GREAT!


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