Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wish me luck

I am so nervous. Tomorrow is my first day in my new position. I haee to keep reminding myself that I will be fine as long as I stay focused. If I do what needs to be done, then I will do great.

Speaking to the people who held the position before me helped. Knowing that people believe in me gives me confidence that I will do a great job. I just have to keep this in mind.

I am in bed while typing this and will be turning in for the night. Shocker. I'm in bed before 12. Early morning and God help Colon tomorrow morning. I am horribly cranky when I wake up before 9.

So. Wish me luck. You will probably read this tomorrow after I start work...but I could use all of the luck!

Night blogosphere!




  1. Good luck today! You will do great :) Saying a little prayer for you!

  2. wishing you all the luck in the world girl!!
    xo TJ


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