Thursday, February 9, 2012

Short Story Challenge: The Dream last night seemed so real...

It's crazy how fast time is flying by, right? It's already Thursday. A couple of days ago, I mentioned that I stumbled upon this post which explained the Short Story Challenge. When I read about it, I immediately thought "I want to try that" but then I started to get nervous. Why? I have not written a short story since my first year in high school. I am not creative at all and am completely out of practice. After a lot of arguments with myself (yes... I promise I am not crazy), I decided that I would try it. Who cares what people think, right?

So, before I present my story, I will explain the premise of the challenge. We were given 25 first lines to chose from and from these first lines, we would create a 500 word short story.

So, here I go...

     The dream last night had seemed so real, but it was just a dream, right? I have been asking myself that question all day.

     This computer screen is just a blur. My coffee is bland. I cannot focus on anything. It had to be real because I am exhausted and it feels like I have not slept all night. Did I sleep? I don’t even know anymore. All I know is that this dream felt real and I am so tired. Everything is getting hazy and my view is getting dark. I can feel the breeze and I can hear the rustle of the leaves as the wind blows through the trees.  But I can hardly see my own hand in front of my face.

     All I know is that I have been here before. The sounds of the crickets and frogs around me are familiar. I take a step forward and hear the sound of my footsteps. But wait. What was that sound? It’s as if someone else is close by. I strain my eyes to see through the darkness. But all I can see are the shadow of the trees and leaves. Then, all of a sudden I hear footsteps. They had to be a couple of feet away. I strained my eyes again and…

    Oh my God. There is a person. At least I think it is a person. I can’t see anything but a human outline in this darkness. I want to see who this is. As I take a few steps closer, this thing started to float farther away. I start to move faster and so does this mysterious figure. I have to catch this thing. I want to see what it is.

    I break into a sprint and start to gain some distance on it. I’m almost there. I can almost see its face, when all of a sudden it gets sucked into the ground. I am shocked, shaking, and scared. What the hell was that? Where did it go? I could have sworn it was right here and then…POOF, it’s gone. All that is left is a small purple button on the ground.

    All of a sudden I hear laughter and I start to feel the darkness fall away. It starts to become too bright and the laughing and conversation around me is too much. For some reason, I am actually shaking and am starting to feel clammy. Was that real? Of course it wasn’t. I am just going crazy. I just need to go home and relax. So I make my way home. The dream still playing through my mind. All of a sudden, I hear something fall to the ground. I start to keep moving, but then curiosity got the best of me. I look back, and I see a small purple object.

   Is that the button? The button from my dream?...
(To be continued...)


What did you think? Can't you tell that I am out of practice. Oh well, who cares. All that matters is that I had fun and definitely got into it. I had so much more written that I think I may create a blog series from it. 

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I hope you enjoyed!



  1. Oooh, sounds creepy. Can't wait to find out what the purple thing is! Great job :)

  2. aw, what a great idea to create short stories. i think you did a great job girl!!!
    xo TJ

  3. you did so good! and you get extra kudos for being one of the FEW that actually were brave enough to do this! so awesome!


  4. oh no, my comments aren't showing up on anyones page! boooooo.

  5. Stopping by to read your short story...Good job, I was very intrigued!! I will be waiting for the continuation =)


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