Friday, February 3, 2012

Shirking my duties

Yesterday was quite interesting. It was supposed to be my long day at work. But it was cut short and that is not something to be happy about. All of a sudden, my stomach started to cramp and I started to get light headed and queasy.

I went home, thinking that all I needed was sleep. NOPE. I had a couple of dates with the bathroom sink. All of my food came back up a couple of times and it wasn't pretty. I have been nursing this queasy unsettled stomach since last night and there is no end in site. 

I feel horrible because 

a) I had to leave work early last night
b) I had to call off today
c) I might have to call off tomorrow. At the moment, I feel as bad as I did last night. AND I am not holding down any food. 

Way to shirk my work duties...right?

On a happy note...

My mom and sister are coming to visit. (They are actually coming in late tonight). It has been quite a long time since I have seen them and I am extremely excited. 

Cheers to a sickly-fun weekend with family!



  1. at least you got to be with your family, right!

  2. aw, hope you feel better soon girl. i came down with something just last night and am not enjoying it at the slightest!
    xo TJ


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