Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OMW: Mistakes

I have great news! I don't have to deal with my horrible Blackberry! 
(No offense t anyone who loves Blackberry's... I have just had such a hard time with mine... missed calls and texts due to my phone being frozen)

So, yesterday I decided to do an early upgrade for my phone and I ended up leaving the Blackberry world and entering the Android world. I couldn't be happier. No more missed messages for me.

When you call... I will answer.

When you text...I will be able to read it. 

I love that I can check Facebook and Twitter without my phone freezing up. And the apps that are available! I love it. I can actually create a blog post on my phone! ooh-la-la!

Anyways... before I go to work, I want to respond to the "One Minute Writer" prompt. Today's prompt is:

Mistakes: What mistakes do you have the most difficulty tolerating?

"What is a mistake? If you have done the same thing repeatedly, then is it still a mistake? If it is, then it should not be tolerated, right? That just makes you a fool if you have not learned from it. " 

Not my best writing. I was at a loss when I read the prompt. Oh, well. It was still fun!



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