Sunday, February 26, 2012

A much needed relaxing weekend

I have been a horrible blogger lately. Last week, I left work exhausted and the last thing I wanted to think about was a blog post. 

So, here I am. I had such an amazing weekend. It was relaxing and I am re-energized. I already described my Friday night here. It was dominated by pizza, beer, cream soda, and a cookies and creme pizooki from BJ's. I had an amazing time, but I have to admit that we were both exhausted. We literally came home and passed out. 

Saturday was chill. I woke up early (which is good) and I went shopping. I had to find slacks and skirts that are appropriate for work. After my shopping trip (and once Colon woke up... he didn't sleep well), we went to lunch at Sonny's (one of my favorite restaurants). When we finally got home, I vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets. they definitely needed it. We then relaxed. Colon played video games and I snuggled in bed with my Kindle. Remember my "book a month" resolution? Well, I have 7% of my February book to go. It looks like I am not going to break my resolution this month. YAY!

We were expecting another chill night at home for Saturday night, but that did not happen. Kirsten called us up for a double date and we had so much fun. We went to a restaurant called Vello's. When we got there, we sat at the bar and ordered drinks while we waited for a table. I ordered a yummy martini (I think it was called a Flirtini) and it was AMAZING. They must have put something extra in the drink (or I have not drank in a while) because that drink really affected me. Once we were seated, we were all pretty hungry. I just have to say that the food and the company was great. 

After dinner, we all decided that we would go to The Gelato Company. And all I have to say is ...


If you have never had gelato and are in Gainesville, you should definitely go to The Gelato Company. I highly recommend it!

Again, we were exhausted by the end of the night. We went home and I passed out. That seems to be a recurring theme for last week. 

And again... I woke up early today. I got up and cleaned a little bit. I caught up on all of the shows that I missed during the week (Thank you Hulu) and I read more of my February book. AND that was a my weekend. Like I said before. It was relaxing and I loved it. 


1) I gave you a recap of my weekend (which you probably didn't want to read about..but I am glad you did) 


2) I have not done the "365 Days of Happiness" update for the last two weeks

I am going to do the recap here. I promise that I have been recording them daily in my notebook. I just have not had the time to type them up here. Here I go:

Monday February 13: My new phone Yes. My new phone makes me happy. I can make calls. I can text. All of that without worrying about my phone freezing up on me. Tuesday February 14: Simple Valentine's Day with Colon I wouldn't have it any other way Wednesday February 15: This post by Woodn't Ya Know it Did you read it? If you did, did it make you laugh? If it did, I suggest you follow him. All of his posts bring me close to tears! Thursday February 16: Work training Exhausting but I loved it. This training was kind of a promise. It was a taste of what was to come. Yes. I had to wake up early for it. But I did not mind. I learned a lot and met some interesting people Friday February 17: The Body Thief by Anne Rice This is my February book. I am enjoying it so far Saturday February 18: How supportive Colon has been I will never forget his face when I told him I got the promotion. His smile was so big and he kept hugging me. He even wanted to take me out. It felt good to see him proud of me. I love him so much. Sunday February 19: Last day as leasing specialist it was my last day as a leasing specialist and I was exhausted. Exhausted but excited. Monday February 20: My first day at work Intimidating but amazing. I rearranged my office and got acquainted with the job. Tuesday February 21: Other rental managers helping me God Bless them for being so kind and helpful. They are greatly appreciated and I cannot say it enough. Wednesday February 22: lunch with the crew The other managers in the office are amazing and I know we are going to make a great team! Thursday February 23: Massages from my boyfriend The best. He just won't let me give him one. He avoids my massages at all costs. Friday February 24: BJ's and their pizooki Saturday February 25: Double dates Sunday February 26: Catching up on all my shows 

Wow.... that was long. I hope you enjoyed. I am going to continue listening to Disney songs and bothering Colon.

Have a nice night everyone


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