Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I wish I could hit a ball...

So, today was quite a productive day. I got a lot done and can honestly say with a straight face that I did something!

I read back over my latest posts and noticed that I have been slightly gloomy. I don't exactly know why. I have been in a good mood. I have my boyfriend here with me. Work is keeping me busy and entertained.

Sure. There was the accident. That scared me and made me more aware of how short life is. But, I have been positive and have realized that I am so lucky to have the life I have.

Sure, there have been the crazy, selfish, entitled people at work. But that's normal for retail/ costumer service, right? I have been positive and have turned it into a wise-up experience.

The point is, I have been quite happy and quite satisfied but I still have sounded gloomy in my posts. I promise I am not that whiny in real life.

Now that we established that, let's talk about how lazy I am and how I wish that I was more... 

Physically fit. 

Yes. I said it. I am sitting here at my sexy man's (yes I call him that) soccer game and I am amazed at how many people actually LIKE playing soccer (or any sport for that matter). They actually shuffle their daily tasks around to play.

I wish I was that motivated. I wish that I had some kind of athletic talent. I wish I actually LIKED playing sports.

Scratch that. I like sports. I like WATCHING them. Football. Soccer. Basketball. Beisbol. I like them all. As long as I am WATCHING them.

Kind of sad, huh?!?

So, I wish I wasn't just rambling. I wish I had an encouraging message. I wish I was going to say

" I am going to put myself out there and just play"

BUT, I'm not going to lie. I am just comfortable on my couch, watching TV and working on my crafts.

I am just comfortable in my bed, having a date with my kindle.

I am just comfortable being lazy!!!


PS... I am not that lazy. I actually LIKE to swim and will make time in my day to swim laps! I have to practice my old swimming technique!

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