Monday, February 6, 2012

Family weekend and Happiness Continued: January 23-February 5

Lookie here...Monday has arrived.

 The weekend went by so fast and I am finally able to hold down/in any food that I intake. You would think that the weekend would have been miserable, given that I was sick. But it wasn't. Thanks to my mom and sister. 

Yes...I shirked my duties. I missed work on Friday and Saturday. BUT I got to spend time with family and they babied took care of me ALL WEEKEND. It felt great.

Like I said before, I shirked my duties all weekend. I ended up calling off work on Friday. I made sure to rest and tried to pick up as much as I could. I didn't want my mom to visit a nasty, disorganized apartment. So, it was pretty much a lazy day with plenty of dates with the bathroom and plenty of calls to my mother and sister to see when they were on their way. [[I always get so impatient]]. I was so excited when I spoke to both my sister and mother at 5/6pm and they both said they were leaving their respective cities. (They were coming from opposite parts of the state that were 5 hours from Gainesville. My mom from Pensacola. My sister from Miami.)

So, I am excited...

and HUNGRY. But I cannot eat until they get here. What did we do?

Colon and I waited...

and waited...

and waited.

Until we could not wait any longer. We decided that we would go to Fridays (I had a bunch of coupons. AND keep this in mind...I paid for it during the night). Halfway through our meal, my mom gets into town. So, she joined us at Fridays. It was so nice to see her. I had not seen her for quite a while and it made me so happy. We went straight home after dinner and my sister ended up arriving at my apartment within minutes of us getting home.

There we were. The three of us reunited. The only person  missing was Alicia (my other full sister). It was a house full of estrogen. Poor Colon.

So, we stayed up talking... ALOT. We got caught up and we tired ourselves out. So, we went to bed and all slept soundly.

EXCEPT FOR ME. (and maybe Colon).

I woke up four hours later and basically regretted dinner for the next 4 hours. I should have just set up a bed in the bathroom. I was so sick. AND every time I got up or came back to bed, I would bother Colon.

So, Saturday started off crappy. (haha) But, it turned into a great day. Once my sister, mother, and I were ready, we headed out. My mom insisted on stopping at a CVS along the way. She wanted to get me medicine and water because she was worried about my becoming dehydrated. Once we bought everything, we were on our way. We headed to the Hoggetowne Medieval Fair and it was amazing. I wish I took more pictures because we had an amazing time. The lack of pictures is partly due to my being under the weather.

 After the fair, we picked up Colon and went bowling. We had such an amazing time.




I ACTUALLY BROKE 100 AND  I WON A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a blast and it seriously tuckered me out. (Remember...I was sick). I was so tired that I passed out pretty early. All I remember is waking up on Sunday morning. Colon made us a traditional Ecuadorian dish for lunch and my mom and sister headed back home.

I miss them a lot. 

I still feel sick.

And reading blogs and updating my blog is definitely making me feel better. Actually, I just realized that I have not updated my "happiness continued" entries for the last two weeks. So... I am going to do that now. I promise I'll try to make it short and sweet... 

 Monday January 23: Sudoku puzzles Tuesday January 24: Reading other people's blogs... What can I say. I am now addicted and cannot go to sleep at night without reading everybody's blogs! Wednesday January 25: Making Colon's Valentine's Day cards... Yes! You read it correctly. I made several cards. Not just one. Now I just have to figure out what to get him. Decisions. Decisions. Thursday January 26: United States of Tara... Freaky? YES. But it is interestingFriday January 27: Gossip Girl...Need I say more? Saturday January 28: Blake Lively... Gorgeous! Another girl crush? Sunday January 29: Colon's haircut Monday January 30: Chris' puzzle Tuesday January 31: Colon working so hard... man is working so hard and is managing a full plate. I love seeing him successfully managing a full schedule Wednesday February 1: Quizno's... I had it for the first time in a year...super yummy.Thursday February 2: Colon taking care of me while I was sick Friday February 3: Mom and Christina coming into town Saturday February 4: Hoggtowne Medieval Faire Sunday February 5: Ceviche made by baby

So, I started this post before I went to work and it is now time for me to go to bed. It's been a long day and this is an extremely long post. I'll end it with the following message that was sent to me by my boyfriend:

"you don't belong in the kitchen, you belong in my heart [<3]"

Isn't he cute?

Night blogosphere!


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  1. i'm so very jealous! i've been wanting to go bowling forever! i didn't get to go this weekend because I got sick instead. blah!
    xo TJ


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