Thursday, February 2, 2012

Excel, girl crushes, and short stories...

It's Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday! We are one day closer to the end of the week. YAY! 

I am quite tired from a long work day and think I will just jump into the thoughts that come to mind...

**** One of my 43 Things goal was to pay off my student loans. Guess what... I started to get my first student loan bills in December and my first payment was due on January 28th. It was so easy to take out the loan. You request the amount, they approve it, and you get your money. Now, my payments are due and I started to realize how long it will take to pay off my debts. It seems like forever. SO, I decided to create a budget. No more spending money on crap I don't need. All of my extra money is going to pay off these loans. 

****Excel is amazing. I use it for work. I use it for school. NOW, I use it for my budget. I created an excel document with different sheets. I basically created a sheet for each of the following:

Each of my two credit cards
Each of my student loans (Federal loans and private loans)
My budget
Each of my bank accounts.

I can track each and every account on my excel sheet. Every purchase I make will be tracked. Every deposit I make will be tracked. Every PAYMENT I make will be tracked. 

I am so excited. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing something whenever I look at my excel sheet!

I cannot wait until I am debt-free!!!!!!

**** My mom's coming. I had no idea that she was planning on coming until my sister called me. This is how the conversation went:

Me: "Hello?!? I miss you. How is everything?"
C: "I'm good. Are you sure it's OK that we are coming this weekend?"
Me: "Wait...what?..."

Yup. I had no idea. But, I was (and still am) extremely excited! So is Colon. He loves my mommy! 

Yay for surprises. 

**** Gossip Girl. I know that I am behind. But, I saw that the first four seasons were on Netflix and decided to watch it. Now I am HOOKED. I love the show and really get into it. It's kind of sad. These girls are so devious. Especially Blaire. I want to strangle her sometimes. 

 I am obsessed!

 AND I think I realized another girl crush. Blake Lively is just gorgeous!

**** I am going to mention work now. But, I promise it will be short. The manager at the property I work at is absolutely amazing. We (the staff and the residents) are lucky to have her. She knows what she is doing and really wants the best for residents. She will do whatever she can (within her means) to make our property the best place to live in town! I know she don't hear it enough and I am just going to shout it out here on this blog!

**** I love my boyfriend, but the week old pile of clothes by the bed is driving me crazy. I mention it to him twice a day and it seriously goes in one ear and out the other. I have given him "deadline" ("If it's still here tonight/tomorrow/in a couple of hours/etc then...) after deadline to no avail. 

I love you baby, but please pick up your sh Stuff

**** I think I disappointed a friend yesterday. We had made plans to go to a play. I was excited to see her since I had not hung out with her in a while. Well, she texted me on Monday to see if I could reschedule for Thursday. Unfortunately, I was not able to because of work. I guess i got the wrong idea, because I assumed that we were cancelling for Wednesday. So Wednesday comes. I didn't hear from her all day.

BUT, it turns out that my STUPID phone did not receive the messages. So, 8pm rolls around and i got a dozen texts from her.

I feel horrible and I feel like such a bad friend. How can I make it up to her?

**** I hate my phone. It freezes all of the time. I miss important calls/ texts and receive them hours later. I also can't make calls or send texts because half the time it is frozen. BOOOOOOO!

**** SO I stumbled across an interesting link up on this blog. It's called the Short Story Challenge. She gave 25 story starters (first sentences of the story) and you create a 500 word short story. Sounds cool, right?

I thought it was cool and my first instinct was to join in. Then I realized a couple of things...
-I am a horrible writer
-I am scared of what people will think of my writing/ story
-Is it weird for me to try it out when I have never commented on her blog before (oh the awkward troubles of a blogger)  

I decided that I would pick the line and try to write something. If I can't come up with anything, then I won't link-up. BUT, if I do, then I will chug along and link-up. Who cares what others think, right? I started my blog for the sole purpose of expressing myself. It was for me. Nobody else. If people read. GREAT. If they don't like it, then they don't have to read it! 

So yes, I will enter if I come up with a story... (I totally just convinced myself to enter while writing this!)

Hope your Thursday was amazing.


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  1. ha, oh gosh. i watched the first two seasons of gossip girl but then i got too busy and never got around to watching it again. but i decided to re-watch the entire four seasons when i saw them on netflix but was upset that the fifth season was already well under way and couldn't watch from the beginning. it definitely hooks you in. and all i have to say is blair and chuck need to be together already. they are just too precious together. and i'm still secretly hoping that serena and dan get together too! even after that whole step siblings and sharing a half sibling thing.
    xo TJ


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