Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich

Yes... I am posting again but it's from my phone. I just wanted to show you what Colon and I discovered at Steak n' Shake three other night. It's the oreo cookie ice cream sandwich. We didn't get one because we ate so much but we plan on going back just for this yummy looking treat. Yummy!!!!!!!!! was the longest day ever. I had a horrible nights sleep and despite the fact that I was sleepy, I still woke up early. 

 Work was extremely busy and we were understaffed. On top of that, I locked myself out of the office during a tour. YUP... that happened to me. I was so embarrassed. Thank God the prospects were patient and understanding. 

It felt great when I saw Colon walk up yo the office to pick me up. Now, we are both just relaxing. I am here blogging and he is playing a video game. Yup, It;s a typical night for us. 

I cannot seem to keep my train of thought straight. Maybe it's the lack of sleep. I'll just bullet-point my thoughts:

*I had a whole post written out and posted and went to edit it on my phone. Guess what happened. It totally erased the post that I had prepared on my computer. So, here I am, retyping the post. Just my luck.

* Colon is playing Metal Gear Solid and is making his character eat frogs. He keeps calling my attention to the TV whenever he eats the frog because he knows how much I love frogs. Poor things!

* I am still nervous about my new position. Yet, I am excited. I cannot wait to start.

* We must be getting old. Colon and I have not gone out and had a night on the town in a couple of weeks. We have made plans and talked about going out, but when it comes down to it, we always end up snuggling around the house. Does that mean we are getting old?

* I didn't respond to the "One Minute Writer" prompt that as posted on Thursday. I just wasn't feeling the topic. But, today's prompt seems promising. The prompt is:

Unique: Write about a unique aspect of your family relationships.

"We go through periods of disagreements and quarrels. We sometimes avoid and ignore each other. We sometimes let our quarrels keep us from talking. BUT we do not allow ourselves to forget that we are family. Through thick and thin, we will be there for each other. Others may not understand the things we do. But, we are family and we love each other. Nothing can break our bond."

Ok... I guess I'll go now!



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