Saturday, January 28, 2012

Work I go...

It seems like I have mentioned work in every single post in the last couple of weeks. It feels as if it is consuming my life and even during my days off, work is on the brain. I usually do not mind this until I encounter a "crazy" resident. You know...those residents that will not shake away the crazy until they get what they want. All of these "crazy" residents have made me realize a couple of things:

1) People want things to be FAIR only when it BENEFITS THEM.

2) People don't want to accept when they are wrong.
(I get it...I have problems with that, too. But still, accept when you are WRONG people)

3) People don't want to accept the consequences for their actions.

4) People are impatient.

I know that all people are not like this and I am only highlighting the bad in this post. But, I have to say that the selfishness of the few are driving me crazy!



  1. Amen! Sorry you are having a frustrating time at work!!! :(

  2. oh gosh, definitely have to agree that people only want fair if it goes in their favor. no fun!
    xo TJ


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