Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who knew Tuesdays could be so random...

Spotted: 18 year old girls that think they are entitled to anything and everything.

I have been noticing it more and more at work. It makes me want to say 

"Wake up! You need to work for things. You won't get anything if you just demand it."

Maybe I am just being negative because I have not been able to get the I-75 accident out of my brain. Too many people died and and it just doesn't seem real. So, I have motivated myself to work twice as hard for the things I want. I will live my life with purpose and not take things for granted. I advise everyone to do the same.

So, let me perk up and be less somber...

I am loving all of the baby posts lately. It makes me so happy to think of new life and to see all of the beautiful pictures people are posting (especially from this lovely lady!!!!!!). 

It almost makes me... dare I say it... want to have a baby.

Don't get any ideas (especially you, baby). I'm really not interested in having one yet. I was just saying...

ALSO, I am trying to come up with a Valentines day gift for my amazing-oh-so-deserving boyfriend. Any ideas? I could use your help!

Do you know what else I could use your help with... my list of classic books for my "Read the classics" goal. Any ideas... I just need a suggestions!

WOW... this post was RANDOM!


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  1. thanks for the reminder that we need to work for things!


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