Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thought on Thursday...Dundie edition

So, it happened.

 Dundie died. 

Yup. I hate to keep talking about it, but this fish meant a lot to me. He kept me company and allowed me to love him when Colon was in California on his internship. I loved my Betta and now...he's gone.

Thank God for Colon. When I got home, Colon stopped me at the door. His voice was different. I could tell something was wrong. That's when he told me. He gave me a hug and told me it would be OK. He explained that Dundie was dead when he got home from school.

Do you know what Colon did? He stayed home and skipped his soccer game so that he would be here for me when I got home. He's the best and he made me feel so much better (although, I still miss Dundie).

Dundie, you're in my thoughts...


  1. RIP Dundie. =( Sounds like you got yourself a good man though!

  2. I'm so sorry!
    My cat died a couple years ago and I was devastated!


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