Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stress, Please go away...

Good news!

Dundie is still alive. He's swimming around and seems OK. The spots that I mentioned are not as apparent as they were yesterday. So, I am less anxious about it. Don't get me wrong, I am still worried but I am going to calm down...

Speaking of calming down. When is work going to calm down. For the past couple of weeks, the office has been exploding with people. This is good because it gives us the chance to fill up the complex for next fall. The bad thing is that we do not have enough people to handle both the office duties and the flow of people that the office has been attracting. So, there's more work for each person in the office and we tend to become overwhelmed with a laundry list of things to do at the end of the day. 

For the past weeks (especially the last two), I have been going home EXHAUSTED. All I want to do is drop down on my bed and disappear for a few. Oh well, I guess that is better than being bored all day. I, at least, get to have that sense of accomplishment. 

THANK GOD that 3 more office hands have been hired. The thing is, I am nervous about working with the new people. I don't know why I always get nervous about new people. Maybe it is because we have a good dynamic in the office already. Maybe it's my "loner" tendencies coming out. All I know is that I am nervous for no reason.

Enough with the negative feelings and in with the good vibes. Tomorrow is my day off and I am excited to be able to be lazy ALL DAY. No checking my email. No worrying about impressing prospects or answering prospect questions.
 A full day of...
playing DS ( I want to catch up in my Lego Indiana Jones and my Zelda game), 
reading blogs, 
watching Dundie (Yes, you read that correctly),
bothering Colon,
cleaning (this is actually relaxing to me),
watching trashy TV,
 and other fun non-work-related things


Now it's time to eat some slice of YUMMY pineapple and go to bed.

NIGHT blog world...


  1. I'm glad Dundie is OK! MY 4 year old Betta just passed away earlier this month. :( It's crazy how much you can miss a fish! So glad to hear your buddy is doing better!


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