Monday, January 30, 2012

Pray for the families...

Yesterday, I was driving around town noticing that there was crazy traffic throughout the city. I had no idea what was going on and found myself cursing all of the people in town.

Then I found out that all of the people were coming from I-75 and were being rerouted through the city. 


There was a fire in Paynes Prarie which was creating smoky conditions. Apparently the smoke was so thick that visibility was low on the interstate causing a horrible accident. Roughly 20 vehicles were involved in the accident and there were roughly 10 deaths. (read about it here)

 After finding this out. I feel horrible. Who cares if there was traffic in the city. At least all of these people were safe. 

I've read a couple articles about this accident and the details are scary. The smoke came in suddenly and these people did not know it was coming. This could happen to anyone. I don't even know how many times that I have driven along that very patch of interstate thinking that nothing would happen to me. That I would not get into an accident. 

I am so thankful that Colon and Kirsten got back safely and that God kept them safe.

So, I am praying for the families of those that were killed. I am praying for those that were injured.

I ask you to do the same.

Stay safe!



  1. OMG, I just listened to the 911 call on You can hear the cars so so terrible. God this killed me.

  2. I will! I know, I always feel horrible when I get mad at traffic jams and then see a bad accident cause it. So sad!


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