Monday, January 9, 2012

Paella...yum yum yum

On Friday, December 30, I was in Miami. I had driven back down to Miami the day before and was exhausted. So, we went right to bed and we woke up pretty late (it's kind of embarrassing how late it was). I must have forgotten that I was in Miami because I was surprised when I opened my eyes and saw Colon looking right back at me. It was an amazing feeling. I was with him. FINALLY. To top it off, I knew that he would be with me for a few months

Not just a couple of days.

Not just a week.


I was (and still am) so happy. 

We stayed in bed talking and watching TV for a while until we finally decided to get up. After getting ready, Colon remembered that he had to buy his New Years clothing. Yup. He ACTUALLY wanted to go shopping.

 Now, ladies and gentlemen, this was a rare event. 

This never happens. 

Colon. Wanting. Shopping. 

Those three words are rarely seen in the same sentence. So, you can imagine how excited I was when he said this. I quickly got ready and we headed out. Before we even arrived, Colon made it really clear that this trip would be an in-and-out situation. We would pick up exactly what we needed and leave. This definitely did not diffuse my excitement. I don't mind window shopping. So,we headed to Miami International Mall and quickly made our way to one of the stores. It took forever to find the clothing, so I whipped out my camera for "ACTION" shots. This was the only good shot.

Doesn't he look determined? 

Anyways, it was actually pretty late when we left the mall. So, we headed home to relax. Colon's family had some kind of cold/ flu and were getting over it. BUT, they managed to pass it on to Colon. So, he was feeling horrible. 

We spent the night relaxing and passed out really early. While writing this, I realized how much we slept during this trip. So embarrassing. We are such lazy butts!

The next day was New Years Eve. We had to get up at a reasonable time since the family was preparing for the New Years party. I decided that I would go hang out with my Uncle and his family. 

Aren't they cute?

My cousin decided that she wanted to play "Hair Salon" and she wanted to do my hair.

She then decided that I had to go into her TINY princess tent and color. Yup. Don't you wish you could see me do that?

She thought it would be cool to look in on me and make fun.

THEN, she wanted to come inside with me. Yeah. It was a tight fit!

 While I was playing with my cousin, my uncle was cooking. Have I ever mentioned that my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and dad are amazing cooks? Well, they are. Especially with Hispanic food. My uncle cooked paella and it was AMAZING.

Doesn't it look yummy? It was!

After dinner, I made my way back to Colon's house. The New Years party had started. I didn't take many pictures and the pictures that I did take weren't that good. So, I'll leave you with "New Years was amazing". I got to spend it with people I love! (and the wine was tasty!)


Now I'm back in Gainesville. School has started and I'm back on the work grind. At least Colon is here with me!

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