Monday, January 16, 2012

My poor Dundie

I came home from work today and I discovered something horrible... 

Dundie, my cute little Betta, was stuck inside the tank filter.

 I started to freak out (and am still shaky). 

Thank God for Colon because all I could do was unplug the filter and run away. I could not even go near the tank. 

I was so relieved when I heard Colon say "He's alive baby and his swimming around the tank".  

Thank God. 

I went to the tank and started to watch him. It's been 30 minutes and I have started to notice that he has white spots in certain places. His tail has rips in it too. He's also swimming slower than usual. 

I am worried that I'll wake tomorrow and he'll be dead. 

It's weird how attached I became to my little Dundie and I don't think Colon realized how attached I was until tonight.

Oh well. This may sound stupid, but please pray for my Dundie.

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