Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happiness Continued: January 16- January 22

Stress and craziness at work...extreme laziness on my time off. That has been my life these days. Yet amongst the chaos, I have found things to make me happy. You will notice that much of this list leads back to TV!


Monday January 16
Sweet Tarts and Double Bubble

If you don't know what Double Bubble and Sweet Tarts are, then I think you should Google them and then go out and buy them. YUMMY!

Tuesday January 17
That 70's show

I absolutely love this show. I have to be honest. I have not always loved it. I have seen all of the episodes before, and have laughed plenty of times, but I never would have considered it a ""must watch" show. My sentiment changed this week. Colon discovered it on Netflix and we have had it playing as background noise while we do other things. Now I am obsessed. 

Plus, I have a huge girl crush on Mila Kunis. That always helps. 

Wednesday January 18
My lazy day off

Yes. I literally stayed inside all day. It was rainy, muggy, and gloomy. The perfect day for me to read. 

Thursday January 19
Once upon a Time's
Ginnifer Goodwin
Jennifer Morrison

Don't they look alike? Aren't they gorgeous?

1. I love the show.n Twists and turns through our classic fairy tales
2. I loved Ginnifer Goodwin in Mona Lisa Smile and Big Love.

Friday January 20
Hyde's Grease scene

Yes. Watch the whole thing.

"‘cause we belong together like bop-bop ba-loo-ba sha-walla she-bang she-bang"

Saturday January 21
David meeting Colon

Yes. We (Kirsten, David, Colon, and I) went to Rockey's Dueling Piano Bar (again) last night and I had a blast. Why?
1. Kirsten and David are awesome and we never have a dull time with them.
2. Colon came. He has so much schoolwork and wasn't going to come. he only decided to come after seeing me all dressed up and ready to go.
3.Colon met David.Kirsten and I were both hoping that these two guys would "hit it off" and it seems like they are off to a good start. YAY...

Sunday January 22
Colon started a blog

Check it out. You all know how much he likes video games. I have probably mentioned it a thousand times. Well, he will talk about video games but he will also talk about his thoughts, experiences, etc. I am excited to read it because we are quite different in our thoughts.

Anyways... check it out!


" ‘cause we belong together like bop-bop ba-loo-ba sha-walla she-bang she-bang"

PS...I just saw that Downtown Abbey is on Netflix... I'm going to re-watch it! EXCITED!

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