Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tortoise please...

Yesterday was amazing. I walked into work and was surprised by a gift from a coworker. I definitely was not expecting anything. It was so nice and I absolutely love the gift!

Wasn't it cute? The bag was adorable. The body wash smells amazing and the card has a sparkly star! Who DOESN'T like sparkly stars?

Anyways, to a more serious matter...

I have previously mentioned my love for turtles. I want one and the only thing holding me back is
... money
...boyfriend's approval
...finding the perfect place to buy the turtle

So, the last time that I mentioned it, I almost went out and bought one. But, thanks to my boyfriend, I was able to keep it at bay. That changed on Sunday. I was giving a tour to a prospect, when she mentioned that she had a tortoise. I tried not to act excited, but she obviously saw right through my restraints. (It may have been the look in my eyes). She immediately took out her phone and started to show me pictures. 

That was all I needed. With every picture, she sucked me in. I wanted a tortoise and I wanted one right away. the minute I got home from work, I started researching tortoises. I needed to do this because I did not know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. (Yes, I admitted it! I never said that I was an animal expert!)

So, I researched. I wanted to find out the difference so I could narrow down my turtle/tortoise search. I wanted something that would not take over my life with care. I was especially looking for a "land turtle". So, that I would not need to have a tank filled with water.

Water= more maintenance

SO, I decided that I needed a tortoise. (They are "land turtles"). Upon suggestion from the girl, I went to There were so many different options. After looking up all of the different types of tortoises, I decided I wanted a Greek Tortoise. BUT, the only problem is that they were EXPENSIVE. I mean, REALLY EXPENSIVE!

If you don't believe me, then CHECK IT OUT!

Taken from

$190 dollars! BUT I still want one. It's worth it. They live 50-60 years.

You may be wondering why I chose the Greek Tortoise. Well...

1. It won't get TOO large. It will grow to be 6-7 inches long. So, I can still house it in a some kind of aquarium. (No I will not keep it in a 10 gallon one. I will be investing in a large one. )

2. It does not need a pond. Like I said before:

water= maintenance

3. They are so cute and I need something to love. 

So, In the meantime I will be searching for the supplies. 

If someone out there (hint hint...COLON) would like to send me a Greek Tortoise hatchling, it would be an amazing Christmas gift! Don't forget to get a heat pack for the little hatchling so it can stay warm during it's trip to its new mommy (me).

I cannot wait until I can get my own little Tortoise!

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  1. AHH! How fun is this. Cute little guy.

    WOuld love for you to follow my blog. xo


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