Thursday, December 8, 2011

Random thoughts, as always!

This week has been exhausting and rewarding at the same time. Work has been busy and school has been tiring. Thank God the weekend is almost here. 


1. Why is it so hard to find something appropriate to wear to a company holiday party? The key word there is APPROPRIATE! last year, there were plenty of people that wore outfits that were inches too short or that showed too much. I don't want to be one of those people this year!

2. I spelled San Francisco wrong in every one of my trip posts. Thanks to Colon. When I was typing the first post up, I typed "Francisco" and showed it to him. I asked him if it was correct and he said no. There is an "s" instead of a "c". So, I changed it and went against my better judgement. I have no idea why I did not Google it. Oh well... 

::::I'm still embarrassed::::

3. I was watching the news today and saw that they are closing down the Jaws ride at Universal. WHAT THE HELL! Every time I go to Universal, I rode that ride. They cannot take it away!

4. I have always liked Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas". The other day, I had the TV on while getting ready and I heard Justin Beiber mentioned in the same sentence as Mariah Carey. That caught my attention! It turns out that Mariah redid "All I want for Christmas" with Bieber. Weird, huh?

5. Why do people show up to a store, office, restaurant at closing time? That drives me crazy. Tuesday night, I was finishing up with a resident when someone walks in at 8pm. What time do we close? 8pm. They walked in, looked at the sign and said "Oh, you're closed" and stayed put. They then said "I would like to resign but I have a couple of questions.


They were there for 30 minutes. I was tired, HUNGRY, and aggravated. I don't know how I mustered the ability to be nice. Oh well. At least we got another resident to resign!

6. Why do people post their numbers on Facebook? It's not smart! Don't do it! If you do post your number, don't complain when random people send you texts or call you. You deserve it!

7. Urban Meyer is going to Ohio State?!? Wait... let me repeat that...

Urban is going to Ohio State...


I guess I just have to remind myself that he did amazing things with Florida Football and I always have to remember that.

It's just weird to see him standing in front of the Ohio State logo...

ALSO, We are playing Ohio State in the Gator Bowl this year! AWKWARD!

8. I just love the cute text message, Facebook chat conversations that I have with my boyfriend. He is the cutest thing. 

9. I love Chipotle! Oh Yes, I could eat it everyday if I have to! Actually, I already had it twice this week and as I type this I am craving a Carnita bowl!

10. I am sad that a friend of mine is going back to France. He is awesome and I wish I spent more time with him before he leaves back to France! He's fun to talk to! 

Get excited! He wrote a little thing for me to post tomorrow! It's about one of his favorite events in his home town in France! 


11. I only have one person to buy Christmas gifts for. That's right. I am almost done! Guess who that person is... 


I have no idea what to get him. Any ideas?


I hope your day has been great so far!

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