Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Christmas tree...

Guess what I finally got...

My Christmas tree!

The adventure started on Sunday night. I was exhausted and got in bed at a reasonable time. I close my eyes and thought I would fall asleep right away.

 But, I didn't. Sleep was eluding me. 

I tried counting sheep. 

I turned everything off in the room. 

I tried drinking tea.

Nothing worked and the next thing I knew the sun was starting to come up. Instead of forcing myself to fall asleep by taking some kind of sleep medicine, I decided to just stay up and get things done around the house. I cleaned and got everything nice and tidy in the house. If it had dust on it, it was wiped down. Nothing evaded me. 

By the time that was done, it was around 8. I was hungry and could not wait any longer. I turned on the TV for background noise and started to raid my kitchen. There was so much lunch and dinner items but my kitchen was lacking in breakfast foods. So, I thought a trip to Wal Mart was necessary. I changed and as I was turning off the TV, what did I see? Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.I thought "I should do that soon" and set off for the store. 

So, at 8 something in the morning, I made my way to Wal Mart. Everyone else in this college town was heading to school, and I was heading to the store. I was sleepless, hungry and not in the mood for nonsense. 

In and out. That was what I was thinking on the drive to the store.

I arrived and for the first time, I was able to park in the 3rd parking spot from the entrance. I walked in, grabbed a cart and proceeded to the food isles. But something caught my attention. I saw ribbons and ornaments. I saw so many colors and SHINY Christmas things. It was amazing. All at once my mood started to perk up and I got an idea. I needed a Christmas tree and I needed one right at that moment. 

SO, I looked like a crazy person. I was searching for the trees and realized that Wal Mart didn't sell real trees. (This is weird because they sell them at the Wal Mart in my home town AND I thought Wal Mart had EVERYTHING). So, I decided that I would get a fake tree because it would be easier for me to bring home and assemble. I don't have my big, strong boyfriend here to help me carry the Christmas tree. Plus, I could use this tree for years to come. 

Once this was decided, I hunted down the trees. I found them, selected one, and picked out some ornaments, bows, and other necessary things. 

I bought all of the other things that I needed (like the food. I promise I did not forget that!) and I headed home. 

You would think that I cooked and had something to eat when I got home. BUT I didn't. I was too eager to set up the tree. So, I attacked the Christmas tree. I was nervous. I never had a fake one in my life and was worried that it would be ugly.

There were so many pieces and it seemed so unnatural, but I chugged on. I started with the base and placed the main trunk (?) on. I then started putting on all of the "stems". here's a picture of the beginning of the journey with only half of the stems. 

Weird, huh? I was quite discouraged at this moment.
Oh, I was extremely nervous. It just did not look like a Christmas tree yet and I had no idea how to arrange the stems. How do you make it look natural anyways?

Once the stems were all on, the tree looked like this...

Looks normal. Doesn't it?
I think it looks nice for a fake tree. Remember, this is my first time with a fake tree and I had no idea how to fix the stems. You can also see the bag of food on the kitchen table in the background!

I got hungry during the process of fixing the tree and did not have the energy to decorate it. So, I cooked, ate, and rested. Remember, I did not sleep and was exhausted. So, I watched TV and studied a little bit. During my studying time I was informed, via text, that I had a meeting at 5:30. Of course, I get tired around 3:30 and pass out before my meeting. After waking up, going to the meeting, attending a fun event with Kirsten, and having dinner with her, I had no energy to continue with the tree. So I went to bed and was finally able to fall asleep. THANK GOD!

The next morning, I woke early and had a few hours before going to work. Enough time to decorate my lovely tree. PERFECT. I complied to my families tradition.We always start with the garland. Thus, I started with the garland. 

Lazily and carelessly placed on the tree.
Oh, and you can still see that bag of food on the table in the background.
Now you can see how lazy I am! 

It was fun to do this. I then strung the lights. I did not know how many strings of lights to buy and only bought one box. Big mistake. It was not enough to cover the tree. But I didn't care. I wanted to finish my tree. So, I tried to spread the lights out. There are a couple of empty spots, but I do not care. Plus, I don't think I bought the right lights. I am going to blame it on 
a) my mom always bought the Christmas decorations
b) I had not slept in more than 24 hours when I bought the lights. 

So, I strung the lights and made due with what I had. I then took out the new ornaments that I bought. I placed them on the tree and also added red bows and small little ornaments that I had already. This is how it turned out. 

Beautiful, right?
AND you can still see that damn bag on the kitchen table.

I love it. It is kind of sloppy and makeshift, but I love it. 

My homemade ornaments were the final touch. Every year that Colon and I were together, we made a Christmas ornament. We have been together since the middle of 2007, so we have an ornament for 2007 and each year after that. I added them to the tree and this is what my finished tree looks like.

I love my tree and wouldn't trade it for the world. This is the first tree that I decorated on my own. 

After a conversation that I had with Kirsten on Tuesday, I am thinking about getting a real baby tree from Lowes. It would be nice to have the fresh smell of a Christmas tree in my apartment! I think it's a good idea!

Do you have a tree in your apartment? Is it real? Well post pictures! I just love seeing decorated Christmas trees. 


I had the worst day today. I had a migraine and it seemed to affect everything I did. When I got off of work, I thought I would have a quick dinner and pass out. NO. My night got better. I made a small lasagna dish for myself and also got to watch MONK. (I am obsessed with that show). It was the Cooper Clan episode! 

ALSO, My friend Kirsten reminded me about the Craft Show tomorrow! EXCITED!

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