Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Thursday...

Yup... It's Thursday. Can you believe it. The days are flying by and random thoughts keep reeling through my head. So, I guess I will start spitting them out.

1. Olive and Zoey. They are the most adorable cats in the world. If you knew me a year ago, you would know that I "hated" cats. But, Zoey changed that. Then, I met Olive and I now have a soft spot for cats. I don't know if I will ever get a cat, but I will never...ever...EVER
 say that I hate cats!

2. Tuesday was my first day back at work after Christmas "break" (it should be called Christmas days off). I came back to Kirsten giving me her gift.

These are EXTREMELY comfortable! I love them!

Yup, horrible picture but the best gift! She knew that I loved owls and got me the cutest necklace! 
I absolutely love the gift! Thanks Kirsten! (I am wearing it today...just so you know!)

3. Like I said before, I came back to Gainesville for work. I have one question. What are people doing in Gainesville? I know that many of them are here for work but it still surprises me when people walk in to the office for tours during Christmas break.

4. I miss my siblings like crazy. I am one of many kids. Seriously. I'm 23 and the youngest sister was just born. I miss them so much. I was able to talk to them on Christmas day and I had to fight back the tears.

5. I miss colon. I know. I know. I saw him e days ago and will see him tomorrow, but I still miss him!

OK. I guess that's the end!


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