Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It was the day before Christmas...

This Christmas turned out to be amazing. Which was kind of surprising because I was a bit nervous about how this Christmas would pan out. Why? I didn't know who I would spend it with. My mother and my two sisters planned a trip to California to visit my uncle. My dad and I are estranged.

So, I am thankful for Colon and his family for inviting me to spend Christmas with them.
Once I figured out my holiday plans, I started to get excited and anxious. By the time Friday (23rd) rolled around, I had a hard time focusing. Packing was hard. It was crunch time. I was going to see Colon the next day and my packing choices mattered! I had not seen Colon in a month so I had to make a good impression.

I made the 5 hour drive down to Miami on Saturday (24th) and fought through all of the annoying south Floridian drivers (yes...they drive like crazy down there...the things I do for love). During the drive, I was able to call my brother for his birthday AND I was even able to call my uncle Jose!

When I arrived, it was 4 or 5 hours until I could see my love. Being alone with Colon's family always makes me nervous. Why? I have no idea. They are the nicest people. Maybe it's because I am shy. Maybe it's because I see Colon as my buffer into that family. When he's there, I don't feel so out of place. He's my link into that family. But, those 4 or 5 hours weren't that bad. His brothers were there and actually sat and talked to me. It was nice. It reminded me of how nice and accommodating Colon's family is.

So, we watched TV and talked and the time flew by. I even got to play with Colon's niece. She was gorgeous!

All of a sudden, it was an hour before we had to pick up colon and I was so excited. Colon's mother came down and served me some yummy food because she says that "I have to eat". So I gladly ate. But five minutes into my dinner colon's father came down to remind us that we had to go pick up Colon. This led to an awkward moment for me. They had the following conversation in Spanish:

"We have to leave soon"
"I know but she's hungry"
"But we can't be late and she's still eating"

This is where I interject and say "It's OK...I'll get ready".

It was so awkward.
 I wanted to shrink down into the chair. 
( I don't think that they know that I understand Spanish.)

His mother started to apologize, but there was no need. His father was just excited to see him. Anyways, I got ready in 7 minutes (really...I did...make up and all!!!! New record for me!...Well... I DID take a shower an hour earlier) and we headed out the door.

Yup. I finally got to see my love. He looked so cute and it was an amazing feeling. I got to hug and kiss him. I loved it!

We went to midnight mass after picking him up and then went home to have dinner. I have to say that the dinner was amazing. The food was delicious and I loved seeing the family dynamic. We then opened gifts and I am sad to say that I forgot to take out my camera to take pictures.

I got the best gift... And there will be more about my gift and my Christmas soon ( I would say tomorrow... But I've been a lazy blogger lately)

Much love!

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  1. Oh wow Im sure being alone with his family was nerve racking-especially at first. HAHHA Im sorry, Im not really laughing at that situation but the fact they you knew spanish and they didn't know you knew it is kinda funny. That happens to me ALL the time. Im glad you had a great Christmas though.


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