Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday parties and people I love

Do you know what I did last night?

I met up with my coworkers and went to the company holiday party. 

Why is it so hard to find something to wear to these things? While planning my outfit, so many questions and so many "rules" were going through my head. 

What length [of the skirt] is appropriate?

Is sleeveless OK?

I want a cute dress but it HAS to be comfortable. 

AND, It has to match ^^^THESE^^^ shoes!

PLUS, I did not want to spend too much money for a dress that I would wear once. 

There were so many more thoughts than that. But, those were the main concerns that I had. I just wanted to make sure that I looked appropriate in front of the "high ups" in the company. PLUS, I remember some of the outfits from last year. INAPPROPRIATE!

OF COURSE I wait until the last minute to pick out something. I do this every time. 

I had Monday off and I decided I would look for dresses. So I went to several stores. There were so many beautiful dresses, but so many problems at the same time! If the dress fit me, then the dress was too expensive. If the dress was beautiful and reasonably priced, then the dress did not flatter me or did not fit very well. 


I left the stores empty handed. WAIT... I lied. I wasn't empty handed. I bought shoes, Christmas presents and items that did NOT pertain to the holiday party. GREAT, right?

Oh, I am going on a tangent, but I wanted to show this thing I found! It looks like a wallet, but it is actually a travel jewelry case. Isn't it adorable?

Can you believe the price? That is why I love Ross!

Anyways, I went home and rifled through my closet. What did I find? This dress.

^^^THIS^^^ dress...

 I saw it and thought "This is perfect". [I promise it looks better on!] I thought I had my dress picked out.

As the days got closer to the party, I started to second guess my choice. I was even second guessing while I was getting ready for the event. 

Oh well. I stuck with it.

Before the event, all of my coworkers met up at the office and we took pictures in front of the office Christmas tree. 

I love this girl! She is the best!

Aren't we all gorgeous? 

We took a whole bunch of pictures and I am sure the boys were sick of it by the end of the picture taking!

After all of the fuss in the office, we headed to the actual event. I had so much fun and it was amazing to see all of the people that showed up. I got to see Candice (the old community manager at old boss). She looked gorgeous (as always) and it reminded me of how much I loved her! I also got to see Emmy. She used to work in our office and she was one of my favorite people. Honestly, seeing these two women made my night. I miss seeing them everyday and am glad that I got to see them last night. 

So, the holiday party was a success. I was able to find something to wear and had an amazing time with coworkers!

Thought I would end it with a picture of myself :)

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