Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happiness Continued: December 5- December 11

The picture is from my trip. I was looking through the photos from California and came across this one. I remember taking it on the plane ride back to Florida. I was so sad and was taking picture to distract myself. I did not realize how beautiful the picture actually was. 

The days are flying by so quickly! I cannot even fathom it. I guess it means that I am going to see my love in less than two weeks! SO EXCITING!

Monday December 5
Flyering and having dinner with the GP crew

Today was amazing. My coworkers and I decided to flyer campus. So, we headed onto campus and posted flyers everywhere. We then decided to have dinner. Can you guess where we went? 


Super yummy and I loved bonding with all of my coworkers! 

Tuesday December 6
Hanging out with a French friend

I went to dinner with a friend tonight and it was great. I had fun talking to him and I loved getting to know him. I am happy because I now have a new French pen pal! OH YEAH! Super chouette! 

Wednesday December 7
Shopping with a French friend 
Getting my Christmas shopping done

Today, I decided that I would finish up my Christmas shopping and I thought it would be nice to invite a friend of mine. It truly was nice. I was able to help him find something for his family and I ACTUALLY found all of my Christmas gifts! Can you believe it? How many weeks are there until Christmas?

Thursday December 8
My new scarf

Yesterday, during my shopping escapade, I ended up buying a beautiful scarf form Forever 21! (I love that store). I wish my camera was working so that I could take a picture of it for you. I guess you will just have to trust me. It is absolutely beautiful!

Friday December 9
Saturday December 10
Wrapping gifts

I just love wrapping gifts.

The bows

The ribbon

The colors

I love them all!

So much fun!

Sunday December 11
Dinner with Michelle

It seems as if I always suggest lunch or dinner when I make plans for friends. It's weird, I know, but I love to eat! 

Michelle came into work today and it was so great to see her. I ended up suggesting dinner and I had such a lovely time. We went to Chili's and the food was amazing! Yes, we were both starving. So, we could have ordered anything and said the food was amazing. 

It was amazing catching up with her AND we even caught the Tebow game. I mean Broncos game. (I heart Tebow!)

Sorry this week's entries were short! It has been an extremely busy week!

Much love

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