Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happiness Continued: December 12- December 18

"Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
Please to put a penny in the old man's hat
Please to put a penny in the old man's hat

If you have no penny
A hay penny will do
If you have no haypenny well God bless you
If you have no haypenny well God bless you"

Did you ever sing that in school? We always did during the holidays. I always wondered what a haypenny was AND I always giggled when I sang "The goose is getting fat". 

Anyways, Christmas is in exactly a week! Time is flying by...


Monday December 12
How fast time at work has goes by

My word. The workday usually seems to last forever, but lately it has been flying by. People have been bombarding the office with questions and tour requests. It's crazy. I always leave exhausted! The good thing is that it makes the workday feel like 2 or 3 hours instead of 6 or 7. Crazy!

Tuesday December 13
Skyping with my love

(Chris, this isn't you) I am talking about Colon. We have been Skyping more lately and I love it. Our Skype sessions are quite...boring? At least that is what onlookers would say. We basically continue playing games or watching TV. It's just nice to look at my computer and see him there. i miss him a lot and the Skyping helps.

We won't have to Skype for long. He will be back in exactly 11 days! OH yeah! how exciting !

Skype picture! He is ADORABLE!

^^^I get to see him soon :)

Wednesday December 14
Judging the holiday door decorating contest

Yup. It was fun! You can read and see the pictures here.

I love Christmas decorations!

Thursday December 15
10 Days until Christmas

Yup. You read that right! Can you believe it? I am still trying to grasp it! 

Cannot wait to....
Open gifts!  
See people I love and spend time with them!

Maybe it will snow? (I've always wanted a white Christmas!)

Friday December 16
Chris' awesome gift

Yes. I already opened it. I couldn't wait until Christmas. PLUS, Chris opened his a couple of days ago! So, I blame my impatience on him. I just have to say that I giggled once I saw everything. I giggled with happiness and excitement. I promise I will post about it tomorrow and I am pretty sure that you will read it and say "You and Chris are weird". My response:
"YOU SUCK...I know and that is why he is my best friend." 

Chris, I less than 3 you! Wish you were here!

Saturday December 17
Camille Claudel

Have you seen it? It's an amazing movie. Love the acting and I love Isabelle Adjani. She is gorgeous. Her eyes are... 


That's all I have to say. Watch the movie. You will love it.

Sunday December 18
Sunday Secrets

Do you read the Sunday Secrets? I read them every Sunday and look forward to reading them every week. There are some interesting confessions each week. I have even submitted a few secrets and love seeing them appear on the post. 

I only wish that they had a Blackberry app. Wait, let me correct that. I wish i had a phone with a Post Secret app on it. (I am soooo ready to rid myself of this Blackberry!)


Well... going to bed

Night world!

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