Friday, December 16, 2011

Goals in a jar

I am all about documenting the happenings, thoughts, goals, wishes, (etc etc etc) in my life. I have journals galore and was thinking of a fun/cute way to record all of the random things. That is why I became so excited when an idea came to mind. 

It all started with my obsession with candles. I would buy candles whenever I walked into a store. Don't even dare think that Yankee Candle was the exception. I am obsessed with Yankee Candle candles.

Anyways, all of the shopping left me with an excess of candles. AND whenever I finished a candle, I was hesitant to throw out the jar. Why? Because I knew it would make a great container. I just did not know what I would put in it. Plus, I had no idea how to get the excess wax out. 

After receiving a clue from a friend, the ideas started to turn in my head and I was ready to start my project. 

I started with one jar. (Just in case it did not work)

You can see the nasty black ring of char and the excess wax. 

Yup, I had to get that layer of wax out before I could clean the jar. How did I do it? Well, my friend Kirsten said that putting the jar in the freezer for a few hours will make it easier to get the wax out. So, I tried it.

See, there it is. In the freezer. On top of a frozen lasagna box. 
I left it in there for 4 hours and got impatient. I took it out and hit the wax with a butter knife. 

It was amazing! All of the wax cracked into pieces and I was left with a clean, wax-free jar.  

I cleaned and dried the jar. Then, I took off all of the labels and stickers. 

Now I have to decorate it. 

What am I going to use it for? I decided that I would make it a wish/thought jar. I will put it near the front door and I will just slip pieces of papers (with thoughts and such) into it at least once a week. Next year, on New Years, I will read through all of them!

I am in love with this idea and cannot wait to get started!

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