Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifts already?

So, my Christmas gift from Christopher (my bestest of the best friend in the world) came on Friday and I could not resist opening it. I tried to take pictures of every moment but that is hard when
1. I don't have a tripod
2. My lovely picture taker photographer (boyfriend) is not here to help. 

I ended up opening the gifts anyways.

Let the adventure begin...
Yes. That says Ooga Booga. That's what he calls me!

OOOOH Big box. What could be in it?

They seriously packed it like that. MESSY!

Because I had to get myself in a picture! Please don't mind the hair and the gritty face!

After I rearranged the contents! YES... they are puzzles and I LOVE THEM!

Awesome puzzle number 1

Awesome puzzle number 2 (They are FROGS!)

Because they had to be in a picture together!

OOOOOH What is this?


All the presents together! I love them!

I love my gifts! They make me miss Chris more than ever! I wish he was here so that we could have our puzzle dates!

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