Tuesday, December 13, 2011



That's what I said when my Christmas-gift-for-Colon's-mother-light-bulb came on. You may recall that I had a problem with picking out her gift last year. Why is it so hard choosing for her? 

Well, I found myself with that same problem this year. I was out of ideas and was starting to freak out until I walked into Michaels and found a plain candle holder. That is when I got the idea...


I would pick out a plain candle holder and decorate it for Colon's mother. So, I picked on up and went next door to Pier One. I looked around and gathered ideas.

Yes, I know. It's weird. BUT I LOVE making the Christmas gifts. PLUS, all of the examples at Pier One were at least $25.

SO, I went home and got to work. 

Here's the finished product:

I even scored this cool candle from Ross!

I had fun making this and I am so glad that I finally have her Christmas gift!

What do you think?

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