Saturday, December 17, 2011

Door decorating!

I helped judge the Holiday Door Decorating contest for the community I work for. Some of the doors were amazing and I had a blast driving around the complex! 

Seriously, we drove a golf cart around and discovered that the horn started to work again. SO, I could not resist honking the horn. 


Here are some of the doors!

They even had a little note and candy canes for the judges!
Very sweet!

It's a Gator! Oh Yeah

This one was so cool. It was 3D!
AND it had lights!
 People are so creative!

^^^^This was my favorite door. 
They went all out. They had lights and even the windows were decorated!
(The pictures were taken in two different settings)

Weren't they adorable? 

Seeing all of the decorated doors made me want to decorate my front door! 

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