Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cameras, doors, and shopping...

It's Thursday and you know what that means...

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Although, that does not mean a thing. I am off tomorrow but still have to work on Saturday and Sunday. Oh well! BUT, I just found out that Javi and Laura are coming maƱana. EXCITING!

With that I am going to begin my list of randomness and thoughts!

1. SO, I went shopping the other day and I have to say that

"I love Forever 21"

Yes. I said it! I know the clothes aren't the best quality but they are reasonably priced! I love that you can buy earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for next to nothing. They even have scarves! I absolutely love scarves and being able to buy them dirt cheap makes me giddy inside!

2. Can I just say that the Chili's is awesome! I went to dinner with my friend Michelle (my belle... I had to do it!) and it was the first time I have been to Chili's in at least a year. Crazy, right? I ended up ordering the Salmon and Margarita Chicken. I almost died! i couldn't finish my meal but that's OK because even the leftovers were yummy! That's how you know Chili's is yummy!

3. My camera is on it's last leg. It works when it wants to. It's annoying. Sometimes the shutters won't open and it seems as if it happens when I need my camera the most. Don't get me wrong. I love my camera, but it has been alive for five years. What is the life expectancy of a camera?

Oh well, I guess I should start saving for the SLR that I wanted. OR maybe someone will get it for me for Christmas!

:::wink wink:::

4. I could throw my Blackberry at the wall! Seriously, I forever regret the day that I chose the Blackberry when I switched from my mother's family plan. I had the chance to have a cool Android phone and what did I do? I insisted on a Blackberry. 


5. I helped judge the Holiday Door Decorating contest at the property that I work at. I was excited to do it and had so much fun checking out all of the decorated front doors. Some people did an amazing job. Even the less-creative doors were pretty! There is just something about the colors and shininess of Christmas things! 

Now I want to decorate my front door!

PS... those of you that entered the contest and made us drive out there only to see that you DID NOT decorate... NOT COOL!

6. The New Girl episode this week (Bad in Bed) is HILARIOUS! I absolutely love Zooey Deschanel!

7. I have a Tebow crush. Wait, did I say that last week? I don't know and I don't care if I did. I will say it again! I have a Tebow crush. his smile just makes me giggle! 

I miss seeing him drive around Gainesville! Gainesville just feels different without him!

8. I sent out some of my Christmas gifts yesterday. I almost pulled out my camera as I was handing the packages over so that I could document everything! Now, all I have to worry about is finishing the last minute odds and ends of shopping. It feels good. The only thing that sucked about my trip to the post office, was the freaking LINE. With all the cuts and reductions that USPS is making, you would think that they weren't getting business. Every time I go into the postal office, I have to wait in a line and the place is crowded. 


9. It is less than 2 weeks until Christmas. Can I squeal now?


I will leave with that!


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