Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trips are alway so interesting...

I cannot believe that I have been travelling all day. Whenever I travel, I always encounter the most interesting things. You already know that I like to people watch and I especially love to people watch when I am in the airport. You see so many things. So, I thought it would be fun to incorporate my travelling observations into today's "Thursday's thoughts". 

Keep in mind that many of these thoughts were observed throughout the day. Thus, they were inspired from my drive to Tampa, my time in the airport and the various flights I took. 

1. First, I have to say that Kirsten is the best. She texted me this morning and I have to say that it was much appreciated! I love her and I hope she is reading this!

2. I absolutely love driving on the interstate! It is so calming and it allows me to think about the things that are going on in my life. The only thing that sucks are the occasional stupid drivers. You know what I am talking about!

3. I got lost while driving to Tampa. WAIT! Let me clarify. I was in the middle lane on I75 and some idiot decides to switch into my lane right when we hit the division between I75 and the Florida turnpike. Yup... he switched lanes and if I did not turn off he would have hit me. So, I ended up on the turnpike. What did I do? I had to get off on the next exit and drive northbound on the Turnpike until I found a way to get back onto I75 south. All I want to say is "......"Never mind. I can't write that on here.

4. I got to hang out with Laura again. She is so cool and the conversation we had was amazing. She is definitely someone that I want to spend more time with.

5. We also had lunch with Javi. I am so glad that I have met him and have been able to get to know him. I not only see him as one of Colon's best friends but as one of my friends.

6. Thank you Javi and aura for the help today! I love you guys!

7. I really hate airport security sometimes. I got to the airport an hour before my flight and was in a rush to get to the terminal. There was a huge line and they were only using 2 of the 5 security stations. Really people?!? Why do you need 20 people working the stations if you only need 10 workers? I see those workers standing around and talking!

8. While waiting for my flight, I noticed that there were 5 or 6 security guys walking around the terminal. They walked up to a couple of people, looked at them, and promptly walked away. One of the men walked by me, glanced at me, and walked away. He then stopped , walked back up to me, and asked if he could swipe my hands for a random check. I looked at him totally confused. While he was swiping my hands, he started asking me if I was single. Really? This is already a weird situation, why make it awkward?

9. When I got on the first plane, I got excited because I was on the 2 seat side. I was excited until I sat down. I looking forward to a nice and quiet flight; a flight in which I could pop in my headphones and read. Did that happen? If you answered "yes"  then you are terribly wrong.I sat next to a woman that would not stop talking and she would constantly ask me for advice for her daughter. It was a long flight!

10. On that same flight, there was a mother with 2 babies. The babies would not stop crying and they would constantly throw things across the aisle. I have never been one to dread flights with children on them. But, I have also never seen kids behaving this way on a plane.

11. I was told there would be snow in Minneapolis. There wasn't. That sucks.

12. I had an hour between my two flights and I was starving. As I was trying to find the gate for my next flight, I noticed that the Minneapolis airport looks like a mall. I definitely was in the mood for shopping!
::: hint hint... baby...that was for you:::
SO, once I found my gate, I had 21 minutes left until boarding and there wasn't any food areas near my gate. So, I decided to go to the news stand. I could not find anything but Combos (yummy yummy) and a Dr. Pepper. So I scooped those up and got on the plane.
 The Dr. Pepper was a bad idea. As soon as I opened it, it spilled all over my pants. Yup! I tried so hard to look nice for my boyfriend and now I have spilled Dr. Pepper on my pants. Just my luck!

Anyways, after reading over this, I realized that this post wasn't really that interesting. I usually have stories a mile long after a trip like this. I'll post it anyways!

I cannot believe I am here with my love. He it trying "No Shave November" and I don't particularly like it. OH WELL! I guess I will do No Shave November, too!


I typed this up Thursday night and forgot to post it! SO, sorry for the delay!

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