Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A touch of color in California...

When I told people about my trip, I constantly heard the following:

"How long will you be there for?"

"What do you guys have planned?"

I was so happy to reply, " I will be there for 10 days" but was a little hesitant to say, "I don't know what we will end up doing". Why was I hesitant? Well, I didn't (don't) care what we end(ed) up doing and I know that is a disappointing answer. California has so much to offer and has so many things to see. But, I was going to visit Colon. As long as I got to see him, we could just stay in the house all day. I don't really care. PLUS, Colon still has to work. So, I was expecting to have a lot of down/ lazy time.

Friday was the first official day of my trip. Colon got up to go to work and I was able to stay in and sleep. Yes, I know I am extremely lazy. I used the time before lunch to study and clean up a bit. I stayed true to our tradition and sent him a picture of me!

No make up. My hair is a mess. But, I had to do it to remind him that I was here in California and cold not wait for him to come home.

Then, Colon got off of work early. He planned to have lunch at a place called Burgerocity with his friends. All of his friends were already eating when we got there. This removed a lot of the tension for me. I did not have to jump in to socializing with random people. The burgers were really good and the fries were amazing. I am impressed with how good they were.

After lunch, Colon and I ran errands. We stopped at the grocery store and also stopped at the Sprint store. I have previously mentioned the problems that I have been having my Blackberry. Actually, these problems spurred this post. Well, my phone kept freezing and Colon needed to inquire about merging our phone lines. So, we went to Sprint. We looked at phones and found out all we needed to know.

We also stopped by the Intel offices. It was cool seeing where Colon works. It is huge and a little bit intimidating. Also, it is kind of depressing. There were so many cubicles. I mean, rows and rows of cubicles. I do not know how people can stand it.
He even took my into the lab. It's a scary place. Machines everywhere and I was surprised at how quiet it was. It was as if people could not speak. Extremely depressing!

Driving around Folsom was really interesting. The hills were a little bit scary for me. I mean, I am from Florida. We don't have any hills. And I was surprised at how fast people drove up and down the hills. The one thing that I loved, was the color of the leaves on the trees. There were rows and rows of red, orange, and yellow trees.  It was breathtaking!

The rest of the night was fun. Colon cooked dinner. He impressed me, yet again. We then met up with his friends. They are like college freshman. They drink so much and it was as if they never got a chance to drink in college. It's either that or they don't have anything better to do. I was not able to keep up with them. I had a couple of drinks and actually had fun.

Oh well, that was a recap of my first day in California with my love. I thought I would end with a picture of me and my love. Notice that he has facial hair. He decided that he would continue with No Shave November! Oh well...


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