Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The San Fransisco Treat

Saturday (November 12) was the second full day here in California. Waking up early was definitely not happening. Maybe I should clarify. Waking up early (on East Coast time) was not happening. I ended up waking up at 9am pst. It was so sunny and I did not want to waste the beautiful California day.

We started the day by watching the Gator Game. I wore my orange scarf and was optimistic about this game. It was in vain. I love my Gators but a girl can only take a certain amount of disappointment. So, half way through the game, Colon went to work to handle some things. I stayed and watched the game. When he came back home, we went to pick up the rental car for the weekend. Once that was done, we packed the car and hit the road. We headed for San Fransisco.

I was excited for the drive. I knew that the scenery would be gorgeous and that I would want to take lots of pictures. I ended up taking lots of pictures during the drive and thought it would be fun to show them to you.

I always end up taking pictures of the sky and today was no different.
It was beautiful and I love the fluffy clouds.

I love this picture. The sky is beautiful, but the hills are amazing.
The hills and mountains are the only reason I would move to California.

As we got closer to the city, we started to see the water! Look at the clouds!
The drive from Folsom to San Francisco was beautiful and I was amazed by the sights as we started getting closer to the city.

Can you see the city? Isn't it beautiful? How about that sun?
and the city skyline in the distance?
The traffic was horrible...

Do you see the line of cars? it was like that all the way up to the bridge.
 It was annoying but I loved it because I got to take pictures of the randomest things.

But it was worth it. 
Who would have thought that a bridge create such an amazing image?

Once we got into the city, we went straight to the hotel. I had no idea what to expect. But, I really did not expect this:

The hotel was gorgeous. the bed had a canopy and the window was amazing. The room overlooked the street and we were at the top of the hill.

The first thing I saw when we arrived was this sign:

...and I sat in the car staring at this sign while Colon was checking in and working on the valet parking. When I turned my head and looked at the entrance, this is what I saw:

This is actually the view of the entrance from our room. It was really pretty!

Once we got settled into our room (meaning lots and lots of pictures of the room), we decided to walk down to Japan town and look around (along with shopping). It was really nice and the walk was so refreshing.

Anyways, after our walk to Japan town, we met up with some of Colon's friends. I was so nervous. When Colon did his internship in Massachusetts, he roomed with this guy. (I am going to call him Sven, for privacy's sake). They became really good friends and Sven ended up living two or three hours away from Colon. It was Sven that we were meeting for dinner. Sven drove to San Fransisco with his girlfriend (I am going to call her Alyssa) and another couple to spend time with us. Like I said (and I keep saying), I was extremely nervous. This is one of Colon's good friends and I wanted to make a good impression.

Sven was really nice and I loved seeing Colon happy. They have a special bond and it was nice to see that Colon has a support system here in California. The thing that I was the most nervous about was Alyssa. I usually can handle myself with guys, but girls are a different story. So, essentially, she was the reason I was nervous. That is why I was happy when I met her and the anxiety went away. She was extremely nice and she made me feel so comfortable. On top of that, she was so friendly and was exactly like me. The only difference was that she was not shy and I suffer from extreme shyness.

So, we went to dinner and I had some yummy lasagna. After dinner, we went back to the hotel to get ready to go out. While the boys went out for various things, the girls stayed in the hotel room and conversed. It was nice. I got to know the girls and for the first time I could see myself living in California with Colon. (I am not particularly keen on it, but compromise is a big part of a relationship, right?) When the boys got back, we headed out. I had an amazing time!!!

On a normal trip, I would have been sad on Saturday night. I would have been happy to be there with Colon but I would have known that I was leaving the next day. I would not have wanted to go to sleep because it would have taken away time to spend with Colon. But guess what...


I had a whole week left to spend with Colon and I could sleep easy. I could wake up next to my love and think "What adventure am I going to have today" rather than think "I have to leave today so I have to smother him with love".

So, here's to being able to wake up next to my love one more day.


A new post with recaps of day  will be posted soon!!!!


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