Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rabo anyone?

Sunday (November 13) was an amazing day. The sun started shining through the shades and Colon kept shaking me to wake me up. It was hard for me to wake up because...


Colon kept feeding me drinks the night before. Yes! I am blaming it on him. The saddest part is that I didn't really have that much to drink.

Anyways, with that said, it was hard for me to wake up. We got ready, packed up all of the stuff, and checked out of the hotel. We then went to get breakfast. We were famished and could not think of anything but food. So, we heard about a place called "Sweet Maple " and decided to eat there. We had to find parking far away from the restaurant and this gave us a chance to walk around the city and view the different types of architecture. (I just have to say that I love the architecture. It is so different than anything that I am used to.)

I took this picture from the Sweet Maple facebook page.
So, we walked into Sweet Maple. It is a small little restaurant and there was actually a line. We were seated pretty quickly and when we were seated we realized that we came just in time. The line for the restaurant doubled in size within 10 minutes of us being seated. We looked over the menu and picked out what we wanted to eat. We were extremely hungry and were stalking the waiters and waitresses with our eyes.

Once we ordered, we could not keep our eyes away from the food at the next table. It just looked amazing. We also were able to take random pictures of the restaurant. I also got the following picture:

What does that picture demonstrate?

1. Colon is adorable.
2. How nice and sunny the restaurant was.
3. Colon shaved.

That last point is the most exciting. I forgot to mention in my last trip post that Colon shaved. Once he showed his facial hair to Sven (remember him?), he gave up on No Shave November. THANK GOD! 

Well, our food finally came and I was amazed. I mean, look at the pancakes that I ordered.
Aren't they HUGE?

The Full House house!
They were yummy. We also ordered and steak and eggs dish and shared everything. I wish I would have taken pictures of the steak and eggs dish. It would make you salivate just looking at it. After we ate, we took a drive around the city and Colon surprised me. He kept driving around a certain block and all of a sudden stopped in front of this house.

Can you guess what house it is? Come on... you have probably seen this house plenty of times.

Do you need a hint?

The TANNERS lived in this house.

Did you guess the house from Full House? If you did, then you are correct. I loved it and took several pictures of it. I also thought it was interesting that the stoop was roped off. I guess the owners don't want to be disturbed.

After our Full House adventure, Colon took me to Fisherman's Wharf. We parked the car and walked to it. On the way, we saw a couple of things. We stopped at some of the piers and it was so cool.

On one of the piers, I found this pearl station. I was drawn to it because there were so many pearls in the showcasing. Pearls of different colors. Some blue. Some black. They were just beautiful. As I was looking, one of the vendors started telling me about the pearls. All I could think was "Stop talking to me. I just want to look." Then, I witnessed a group of people, pick out an oyster and open the oyster. When I saw that, I was on the hunt. I wanted to do that. But, most importantly, I wanted to know how much it was.

That was when I saw it. The sign. It was above a huge container of oysters. All the while, the lady kept speaking and telling me about pearls. I slowly made my way to the sign and saw that it was $15 to pick out the oyster.

I was sold! How could I pass this up? So, I indicated that I wanted to do it and she gave me the oyster tongs. She told me to pick out the oyster. So, I handed my camera to Colon, ordered him to take pictures, and I chose an oyster. Those of you that know me probably sighed when they read that and you probably think that I took forever to pick out the oyster. Well, let me just say that it took me less than 5 minutes. Partly because Colon was there and I know that he gets frustrated when I take forever.

I chose an oyster and was so excited. She placed it on a wooden tray and told me about a ritual that they do. Essentially, they "welcome" the pearl into the world, by counting to three and singing

For those of you who can't read it, it says "Aloha".

So, we did that and she rang a bell. Thus, my pearl was properly welcomed into the world. She took a knife, shucker,... hell, I do not know what it is called. Anyways, she pried the oyster open and moved the insides of the oyster. Finally, the pearl popped out. Colon took a picture of it and you can see it.

Do you see my pearl? Isn't it pretty?
  I fell in love right away. It is so shiny and it is all mine. She allowed me to pick it up, and I can say that I was the first to hold my pearl.
My pearl. My baby. So beautiful.
 I kept admiring it and am sure that the smile did not leave my face. I was so happy. Then, she took my pearl away and placed it on a towel. She poured salt on it and rubbed the salt on the pearl. Apparently, the salt polishes the pearl. But, this should only be done when it has just come out of the oyster. When I first saw her do this, I was going to flip out. I had no idea what was going on and I did not want her to damage my pearl. After she rubbed the pearl with salt, she placed the pearl in my hand and had me rub the pearl between my hands in a circular motion.

She then instructed me to put it on a circular plate lined with some kind of linen. I was hesitant to put it down, but I did it anyway. I thought that she would bag it for me right away and let me pay for it.

But, NO. I was extremely wrong.

She started to drill a hole in it, so that I could mount it in a pendant or some kind of jewelry of my choosing. I did not mind that. But, she then started to take out different pendants that I could mount it in. When she started doing that, I knew that I was in trouble. I have such a hard time saying NO. It is such a weakness for me. She just kept pulling pendants and asking my what I liked. I found one that I liked, but I was not ready to pay $220. I just wanted me precious pearl. So, after she told me the price of the one I liked, I told her that I was only interested in the pearl. What did she do?

She KEPT looking for cheaper pendants. She just wasn't getting the picture. I had to say it again with a stern tinge to my voice. She got the picture and I was finally able to pay for it.

After that, we made our way to Fisherman's Wharf. Colon was excited to take me somewhere. he kept saying "I know where to take you. You will definitely like it". I was full of curiosity and kept asking him to give me clues.

Anyways, we were walking and I started to catch the faint smell of sour dough bread. My favorite type of bread. It made me hungry and I was going to ask if we could buy some until Colon said "This is it". Where did he take me? To the Boudin Bakery in San Fransisco. I was so happy and was even happier when I looked in the window of the bakery. This is what I saw.

Do you see the turtles in the background?

Go Gators!

A crab shaped sourdough bread loaf. An alligator shaped sour dough bread loaf. These only increased my desire to buy a loaf of bread. So yummy. What did I buy? A turtle shaped loaf of sour dough bread.
Yummy. Just so you know, I bit the head off first!

You can buy so much from the bakery. I have provided a link above so you can look at all that they have. They have Thanksgiving themed loaves, Christmas themed loaves, and so much more. So, check it out if you are ever in the San Fransisco area.

Before we left the bakery, we bought a baguette for Alyssa and Sven since we were going to visit them later that day. After we bought bread, we started to walk back to the car. On the way, we stopped at one of the piers and looked out at the water. It was absolutely gorgeous.

So, after talking, taking pictures, and eating bread, we walked to the car. We left the city and headed to San Jose to visit Sven and Alyssa. We drove for an hour and guess what.

Colon DIDN'T get lost.

Surprise. Surprise. Oh and we saw a car with the funniest tag.

 Anyways. I loved visiting them. Their place is extremely adorable and I loved seeing all of the art projects that she worked on. The apartment was precious.

What was I excited about the most?


My favorite dish and I have not had it in forever. We ended up going to a Cuban restaurant called Habana Cuba and after eating there, I definitely recommend it. The food was so yummy. I ate the whole thing and was actually ready to ask for another order of it. I just did not want to embarrass myself.

Oh well. I had an amazing time in San Fransisco and loved spending time with Alyssa and Sven in San Jose. We ended up driving back that night. We left at approximately 9 pm and it was a 3 hour drive back. I felt bad because I was not able to stay up in the car.

It was an amazing weekend and I was so glad that it wasn't the end of the trip.

More updates are coming soon!


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