Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pinterest...why don't you love me?

I wish Pinterest liked me!

A couple of friends started a Pinterest account a couple of months ago and they constantly tell me how amazing it is. I knew what it was but I never really was interested in getting a Pinterest account. I finally gave in when I was California. I signed up and waited to receive an invite.

I waited...

 and waited...

for 2 weeks.

This is significant because I am quite impatient.

Then...the email came. I had an invite. I clicked the link and signed up. But when I tried to log in, I got this screen:

I thought I did something wrong so I closed the browser and tried again. But when I went to the Pinterest website, I ended up getting that same screen. My computer won't even take me to the site.

I am proud of myself because I was patient. I emailed them and still have not received a response back. I am so annoyed and am slowly losing interest in Pinterest. This is sad because I have not heard anything bad about Pinterest.

Ahhh... Please help! Pinterest, why don't you like me? I wish Pinterest would like me!


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