Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Packing list

Two more days for me to wait until my big trip to visit my boyfriend and I think I could at least start a packing list. It would definitely suck if I forgot something. So, I thought that I would post a rough draft to my packing list. If I forget something important, I am counting on you [and yes I am pointing] to remind me of anything else that I should remember. 

So, first, I thought it would be important to remember my toiletries... Who knows how many times I have forgotten my toothbrush.

So, I think I should bring the following:

a) My toothbrush (Of course...cannot forget about my oral hygiene)

b) Mouthwash (Call baby & see if he has some. No use in lugging a bottle around if he has some)

c) Facewash/ creme (I really don't want any zits to pop up when I see my love)

d) Hairbrush 

e) A couple of hair ties/ scrunchies/ clips

f) Curling iron (Maybe... just maybe... I will fix my hair when I see him)

g) Make-up 

h) Lotion and perfume ( I've got to smell good for my baby)

i) Girly products - you know what I am talking about. What happens if I get a visit from Aunt Flo? I wouldn't dare send my boyfriend to buy my girly feminine products. I respect him enough for that. 

So, I have listed all of my personal care products. At least I think I have... 

So, as far as clothing goes, I usually go overboard. I have taken many trips to visit my boyfriend and they usually last 3 or 4 days. for these trips, I have taken clothes to last me a few weeks which is ridiculous. I am excited because this trip is 10 days and I can actually take a lot of clothes. But, I probably shouldn't and I know my boyfriend had a heart attack when he read the previous line. 

So, I am determined to bring the least amount of clothes. My plan is to bring:

a) 3 or 4 pairs of jeans. I can always re-wear/ wash them if I have to. I can always mix and match.

b) 3-4 jackets/ sweaters: My boyfriend warned me about the weather. He said that it could get pretty chilly. So, I will bring a brown and black light sweater and a brown and black heavy sweater/ jacket. I can never be too safe

c) 4-5 short sleeve shirts. This is just in case it's warm enough to wear them. I will always have a sweater with e just in case the temperature varies. 

d) 4-5 long sleeve shirts. He did say it was going to get chilly and I WILL be ready for it.

e) Undergarments Enough said

I cannot think of anything to add other than accessories. I plan on packing earrings, rings, scarves, shoes, etc. I'll pick all of the accessories out once I have picked the clothing out. 

The last and final category would be the miscellaneous category. This would include electronics and all of the extra curricular activities that I am going to bring. 

a) Camera I plan on taking thousands of pictures and placing pictures on my blog. 

b) Kindle Did you really think I would go without my kindle? I have it loaded up with books so I can read during the flights and when my boyfriend is at work. 

c) Zune Music and games. Javi had me copy a bunch of CD's that I would like to listen to. My flights are the perfect time to listen to new music.

d) my computer  How can I keep you guys up to date without my computer? 

e) Chargers I usually forget these. I cannot forget them this time. 

I cannot think of anything else at the moment. 
Please let me know if there is anything I am missing!


---I cannot wait---

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