Wednesday, November 9, 2011

OK...I admit it... You are....

I have to admit that I am addicted to social networking sites. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc I am on them and am constantly checking them. Yes, I know. It is pathetic. But I love being able to keep up with friends that are hundreds of miles away. Anyways, for today's "I wish Wednesday" I want to start with something that I posted on my boyfriend's wall. 

Before I show you everything, I think it is important that I bring you up to speed. Since the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend (I guess I should start calling him by name now) refuses to admit that I am right all (OK...MOST) of the time. We literally have this argument every day. 

Now to the event at hand. I had to get a new phone and phone plan last January. He was assisting me in choosing the plan and also was quite insistent that I do not choose a Blackberry. Of course, I was set on getting a Blackberry. So, I got one. About 2 or 3 months after getting it, I noticed that my phone kept freezing. If I left it alone, it would eventually unfreeze. But, in the last month, my phone would not unfreeze. I always have to pull the battery which takes a lot of time. I am suffering because my phone is unreliable. So, after realizing that my phone is unreliable, it hit me. 

My boyfriend was right. 


Can you believe it?

I felt so bad for giving him so much crap that I decided to post the following on his Facebook wall. 

This is my infamous post. I will entitle it "I can't believe it"

Who knew that a post like this would lead to so much trouble? I mean, look at the feedback that occurred...

"I can't believe it" feedback

If you think this is hilarious, then you haven't seen anything yet. After seeing my post, Colon posted the following:

"Announcement to all his friends"

I laughed so hard when I saw this. I did not expect for anyone to comment or "like" the post. But,.... no...You need to see it for yourself... 

This is all within an hour. Can you believe it? Most of the comments are from guys. I had no idea that the "I am always right" syndrome was common among girlfriends. I especially love the "it's a trap" and it's a strategic maneuver" comments. 

Oh, and as I was typing this, I saw that the following comments were added to the mix:

If you notice, there are 21 "like" and one more comment. Really? Wow... and do guys really think that we are that vindictive? 

Anyways, I thought that you would love seeing the reaction to an innocent post on my boyfriend's wall. This post actually made my boyfriend happy. So, my wish for today is that I can continue to do things to make my boyfriend happy. Hopefully I am able to do this!

Much love! 


P.S. Expect lots of trip posts because I am planning to bombard you with posts about my trip!

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